The Hurlingham and other summer fundraisers

THE big event this summer has been the HFT London Ceilidh held in the Hurlingham club on the 1st of August. Not only was it a tremendous evening of meeting “old friends” amongst the young, but it was a fantastic venue with masses of room to reel the night away. Lucy and her team, who deserve a huge thanks for all the time and effort they put into making the evening go so smoothly, purposefully kept the tickets as low in price as possible to […]

Funding report: Eramba School by Sophie Rodgers

During the two months of July and August 2009, I spent my time at Eramba Mixed Secondary School in the Kisii region of Kenya working on a sustainable resource investment project whereby myself and my project partner bought over 550 textbooks and spent more than £500 on science equipment for the 220 students. The aim of the project was to do what we could to boost exam results in this small rural school by giving them a more concrete foundation for education through providing the […]