On Our Bikes BY Grace and Jason

Planning this trip began with Grace’s year in Otjikondo, after which we spent 5 years looking for a chance and reason to live and work in Africa together. In 2005 we learned of a bicycle recycling charity, Re-Cycle, based in Colchester, the aims of which were threefold. First, to prevent bikes from entering the waste system by accepting public donations of unwanted cycles and also working with council led canal clearing projects to reclaim dumped bikes. Re-Cycle then repair and restore the cycles in their […]

Natasha Rodney: Initial report

Travelling to Ecuador with WorldTeach Four months from today I’ll be jetting off to Miami, but my journey won’t be ending there as this is just thetransit country for my final destination which will be Ecuador! Why Ecuador? This is thequestion that I am asked every time I tell my friends, family and basically anyone who will listen about my trip. My response to this question has turned into a sales pitch, but it has also helped to consolidate in my head why I am […]