THREE Reports in One by Grace and Jason

NOVEMBER We made it to Dodowa! The past two months have been amazing! We’ve had the most brilliant time (and abandoned vegetarianism at least temporarily) and now we’re here; it doesn’t seem real. It’s quite a shock to have arrived somewhere, having slept in so many beds/tents/hammocks along the way, and know this is where we will settle. To quote from my diary: “Basically we’re both shitting it a bit. Jase is worried I don’t/won’t like it even though he knows I’ll love it really. […]

I’m Off!! by Anna Seymour

The adventure begins … With only a few days left before I depart the waves of nervous excitement are kicking in! Soon I shall be boarding a plane from London Heathrow all the way to Santiago, Chile – my home for the next year – half way across the world. I hope I will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on many lives and of course on my own! My placement as a volunteer in a school is being organised through a charity […]

Caitlin Ripley: Initial report

I’m going to Thailand… and not for a holiday! That’s been my slogan for the last 14 months of gap year planning and fundraising and now its finally happening! I’m Caitlin and in Easter 2009 I was selected by Project Trust (the charity hazel’s co-volunteers travelled with) to be the 2010/11 volunteer English teacher in Mae Sai, Thailand; after that horrific struggle which was my A levels. I’ve been enjoying the fundraising greatly, as hard as it may have been, but I’m hoping that its […]