First Impressions by Caitlin Ripley

Message From Thailand! I’m finally away and in Thailand! I’ve been at my school in Mae Sai for over a week now, so I guess its time for an update. On flying into Bangkok the heat that hit us was almost overwhelming, but what struck me more was how dark it was at only 6 o’clock: no long evenings for us over here I suppose. After two days in the capital, my project partner, Katie, and I were bussed up North to what is now […]

Sophie Bryant: Initial report

Hi All As I write this I am currently sat on a train taking me to London St.Pancras, as I trek down south in order to meet up with some of my fellow “gappers.” My name is Sophie Bryant, and before studying a joint History and Sociology degree at university next year, I am having what will probably (well hopefully) be the most exciting year of my life! I am taking part in the Baptist Mission Society’s “Action Team” gap year programme. BMS is a […]

Signing Off with an Understatement by Kyle and Sarah

Suppose this will be our final report. We are returning home in 5 days. To say that our feelings are mixed would be an understatement of biblical proportions. Indeed we will miss this place, it has a very unusual charm (again “unusual” being a major understatement!). At the risk of ruining the effect of the term –understatement- it could be said that we have certainly had some very high- ups and some very low- downs. One of the hardest things about leaving this place will […]

My Jungle Adventure by Natasha Rodney

My Jungle Adventure in Ecuador Travelling around Ecuador these last few months has given me the opportunity to see so much nature. I have seen whales and dolphins on the South Coast; in the Northern Highlands I have sailed around a volcanic lake and visited a nature reserve that had trees with leaves that felt like rabbits’ ears, as well as ‘paper trees’, trees with thin barks that peeled off like sheets of paper. In the Central Highlands I visited a natural hot spring where […]

Leaving My Comfort Zone by Sally Greenwood

Home Sweet Home. I have been home from Ghana, where I spent four months, for two weeks today! Firstly, if you are reading this you are most likely in the UK sitting in your office or house with most likely a fast broadband. In all likelihood you had a hot shower this morning and had your tea with milk from the fridge and in a minute you may feel thirsty and just wander to the tap and get a glass of water. Later, you might […]