Teacher Turned Author by Angus Yellowlees

Arrival: Well, after an hour and a half on the plane down to London I finally met up with my housemates to be. They both seemed really friendly and at least as nervous as me, which was reassuring. We faffed around check-out for a bit, and then, eventually, got our act together and found our plane. The flight to Ethiopia took just under nine hours, and from there it was another three hours to Zanzibar, but hey, at least we arrived. Everything was crazy. I […]

Rachel Taylor: Initial report

As I make final preparations for my trip but the whole thing doesn’t feel altogether real. Flights are booked, I have got my vaccinations and it is almost time to begin packing but I still can’t believe I am about to leave for six months in Peru. I am going to spend six months volunteering in education and community capacity building with Sandra and Edwar, who have been working in Lima for the past 25 years with a local church. My work will primarily be […]

Katie-Mairi King: Initial report

WOW!!! I think that is the only word that comes close to describing how I’m feeling right now. I leave…….TOMORROW… For the past year this trip has been something to look forward to but has never been something that will actually happen. I’m an emotional wreck. 6 months on an island in the South Pacific, 8 months away from familiarity. I literally could not be going further away from the small desolate village of Bridge of Allan that I call my home. I don’t think […]

Susannah Morcowitz: Initial report

In just a couple of days I will be flying direct into Southern India. I will be spending the year in Bangalore volunteering with the Association of People with Disabilities (APD). The APD works with children, young people and adults with a range of different needs. They run a huge variety of projects and have developed several programmes for various disabilities categorised intotherapeutic services, training and employment and education and advocacy (see http://www.apd-india.org/ if you would like to know more about the range of projects […]

Kemi Ami-Agbaje: Initial report

Going to Fiji in March will be a huge stepping stone for me.I have never been one to travel or to experience voluntary work out of my local community.So as much I am looking forward to going; I’m pretty much looking forward to coming back as well.The thought of gaining the experience I need after my degree will definitely boost my confidence for when I have graduated. Apart from the fact that it would help my career; there is also the joy of going out […]