Otjikondo’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations by Jordan Wilson

Hello! Sorry it has taken me so, so long to get another blog up. I have been run off my feet! At the moment, I am now in my final week of our May holidays. The time has flown by far too fast; I can’t quite believe that next time I am leaving Otjikondo, it will be in 14 weeks and I will be on my way back to Scotland! It’s a scary thought. Anyway, I seem to very good at going off on tangents […]

The Reality of Disability in India by Susannah Morcowitz

‘There are 70 million people in India with a disability, 95% of those have no access to education’. That is the equivalent of the whole of the UK not having access to education! In a recent article, entitled, ‘No country for disabled people’ Rema Nagarajan(Times of India, February 15th 2011) paints a very bleak picture for the prospects of people with disability in India. Most schools in India, including special educational needs schools and India’s top universities do not have any adapted access for persons […]

6 Months and 3 Illnesses by Keziah Berelson

And I am back again! Well, I’ve now been 6 months in Uganda and in the face of 3 tropical illnesses. I’ve been pretty safe and sound no broken bones and still 10 fingers and 10 toes! I don’t think I’ll get over how incredibly welcoming my community has been … well past the “fitting in” stage we find ourselves able to walk down to the trading centre, chatting to every third person we see (this does double the length of time it takes to […]