Travels and Reflections by Angus Yellowlees

Well, being home is an indescribable feeling. It’s like waking up and the last eight-and-a-bit months of my life just never happened. The bubble is burst and now it all seems so far away it’s difficult to write about, but I shall try my best. I’m not entirely sure where I left off as my last report has been lost somewhere on the internet, but I’ll start with the arrival of the new volunteers: Beth arrived right at the end of January and, although she […]

Emma Campbell: Initial report

It is only three months before I am going to be spending a year volunteering at Thembelihle, a place of safety providing critical love, care and rehabilitation for over twenty abused and abandoned children from 6-16 years of age in Mthatha, South Africa. It will be my job to provide home schooling for the children, as the option of attending local schools is denied them during the time they are under the protection of Thembelihle and social services. This schooling includes covering the national education […]

Tasty Hens Feet by Rachel Taylor

The last four months in Peru have been such a learning experience. I didn’t think there would be too many surprises for me in Peru, but I was very wrong. Every week I’m struck by the stories of Peruvian life. Whether it’s the amount of corruption on the streets of Lima or that kids in Pachacutec are being stolen off the streets. The kids in Pachacutec are a crazy bunch who I love working with. During the past few months I have had the chance […]

Enriching My Life by Ysabelle Thackery

Right, so I think I’m well due another report and here it is! I can’t believe I’ve been here 9 months now; the thought of going home in just 3 months is exciting but still surreal. I’m really settled into the Enrichment Centre and Mitchell House now; everyday I grow more and more confident and my responsibilities become greater. For example I now provide learning support twice a week for the pupils in the mainstream college; I assist students who are struggling in classes with […]

Naomi Dunphy: Initial report

Hi. My name is Naomi and I live in Arbroath, Scotland where I have just finished my 5th Year at Arbroath Hugh School. So a week to go and I’m soooo excited – can’t wait to go to Malawi. I am leaving Scotland on the 30th of June with 14 others. We are travelling for a day and a half to Namisu orphan village just outside Blantyre. The orphan village is run by Aquaid Lifeline whose main aim is to care for orphans and provide […]