You’ll Catch Your Death by Anna Seymour

Nine months into my gap year in Chile and I feel like I never want to leave this wonderful country! I love my job, my Chilean family and my friends in the local community. After backpacking through Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the South of Chile my language skills are better than ever and I learn new things every day. I’ve seen amazing sights, met inspiring people and finally managed to understand crazy Chilean Spanish. One of the most incredible parts of this journey has been […]

Time to Panic Yet? by Amy Sked

I’m the kind of person who leaps before they look. Applying to Project Trust was the work of minutes, I went on selection the next week and it’s only now that this whole ‘Gap Year’ thing is feeling very, very real. I have around two months to go until I leave and as I get closer to reaching my fundraising total it’s getting harder and harder to stop thinking about the MASSIVE challenge I’m about to launch myself into. I’m going to be living in […]

Maya Walker: Initial report

Me – “Mum…I’m off to Cambodia for a year.” Mum – “Oh, are you? That’s nice. Bye, then – have fun!” I announced this proudly to my Mum exactly a year ago this week, after coming home from our ‘Post 6th Form Opportunities Fair’, at which I attended a talk from a returned Project Trust volunteer…I never really thought or believed that this brief, joke-like conversation would actually materialise into anything (let alone that Mum and Dad would agree to it)… It was just by […]

Astrid Wells: Initial report

As I sit and write my initial report at 3.30am whilst being on-call in one of West Yorkshire’s busiest hospitals, I stop to think that I have less than 6 months to go before I leave the NHS behind and have a taste of something else. I am leaving the UK to work in Guatemala’s Rainforest as a medical doctor working in an outreach clinic attached to an orphanage providing care for anyone who wants or needs it. I will be working with 2 charities […]

Stopping Them Cheating is Impossible by Caitlin Ripley

I think this may be my last report from Thailand! I can’t believe it! It’s nearly over! I think I only have 6 weeks left of teaching left after tomorrow – I must say it’s a scary thought! Since I last wrote, what has happened? SO MUCH! I’m not sure if the student trip to Pattaya was mentioned last time, but in January, a few teachers and several busloads of students voyaged down south on an entirely un-educational trip! We stayed in a temple, went […]