Crocodiles and Lizards by Rebekah Faldon

Ten months out of my total twelve have now passed me by! It is really scaring me how little time left I have in Swaziland! A lot has changed and progressed in my projects out here in Big Bend since my last update. In the New Year, after a holiday in South Africa whilst the schools were off, Penny and I came back to Big Bend feeling energized and re-motivated; ready to really go for it and not to hold ourselves back. Our first major […]

Project Sekoly in Madagascar

Thanks to a generous donation of £9,500 from Hazel’s Footprints Trust, Azafady is able to initiate the fourth and final stage of Project Sekoly, assisting the community of Mahatalaky with the provision of a new middle school complex containing eight classrooms, a latrine and clean drinking water well. As a result of this grant from Hazel’s Footprints Trust a school building with two fully furnished classrooms will be built. This update details activities undertaken between January 2011 and September 2011 including the construction of the […]

Grt Involved by Naomi Dunphy

Hey so here is my first update. I have now been in Malawi for 2 months which is slightly gutting because time already seems to be flying by so quickly. My first month was spent working with the team which came out from my church which included some of my best friends so was good banter. It took us about a day and a half traveling to get here but was well worth it to get back and see all the people and kids that […]

New Footprinters chosen, Otjikondo donation and Namibia Calling

Huge developments have been taking place since the last update along with the regular HFT work of supporting Gappers and helping out with the running of Otjikondo School in Namibia. Firstly we have chosen 10 more youngsters to support this autumn with their Gap Year as they go all over the world to help in educational projects in developing countries so go onto the Reports page and read all about their hopes and aspirations for their trip. Otjikondo got an extra financial help of £4,000 […]

First Report by Hannah Moffatt

I leave to go to Peru in three weeks. It’s a bit unreal! I’ve been wanting to go on a Gap Year ever since I can remember, and since going to Peru with World Challenge two years ago that is where I have wanted to go. I’ve been so lucky to get a placement there, and I am excited about living and working in an orphanage for a year. I am looking forward to seeing the world with new eyes – and living in a […]

Angus Yellowlees: Initial report

Whilst attempting to make the best of a packed summer holiday, I have busily been preparing for my Gap Year. Through Zanzigap Ltd I have acquired a placement teaching English at a local school on the Tanzanian Island of Zanzibar. The island’s first language is a form of Swahili influenced largely by an Arabic culture. However the young locals struggle to achieve their potential: due to a history of imperialist governments, Zanzibar has been left with an education system that requires all subjects to be […]

Keziah Berelson: Initial report

My name is Keziah Berelson, and in less than two weeks, I will be leaving for Uganda to undertake a voluntary role for a year! I will be working at the Good Hope Initiative in Kisweera village, just outside of Mityana, where I will be teaching literacy and numeracy skills to 4-7 year olds. The Initiative was set up in 2006 in order to empower the rural and marginalized disadvantaged children in the community so as to enable them to participate in a grass-roots process […]

Second Wedding by Naomi Dunphy

So here is my Second Report and I have just had my Second Wedding so perfect timing! I would like to say I got there on time but that would be wishful thinking in Malawi. Got to love them! We were a lot more on time than last time though so that’s always good. Anyway it was really good. It was Kiri’s wedding who is one of the Aquaid staff. – She is Administrator at Thyolo. She is sooo nice and she looked stunning. Anyway […]

Jordan Wilson: Initial post

Okay, so I thought it was about time I got down to writing this report, as I am leaving in 35 days (a scary thought!)? It’s hard to know where to start when talking about such a life-changing subject. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself and how I came to writing this report. People would probably normally say that from a young age they were always going to take a year out, I was definitely not one of those children. Up until […]

Learning Jainism and Buddhism by Susannah Morcowitz

I was really lucky this month to have had the opportunity to participate in the Eight Interfaith Workshop organised by His Holines the 14th Dalai Lama’s Foundation for Universal Responsibility. I spent a whirlwind 16 days with a mixed group of Tibetan monks and nuns, Tibetan students and of course Indian young people. We spend two intense days in each of the following faith centres for Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, studying and visiting temples and places of worship. I couldn’t possibly summarise […]

Rebekah Faldon: Initial report

It’s strange to think that in just 4 weeks time, on 28th August, I will have said my final goodbyes and travelled nearly 7000 miles. My adventure in Big Bend, Swaziland will have begun! Crazy! As much as I know I’m going to miss home and all the lovely, familiar, smiling faces (I also know some will be reading this), I feel ready to go and do something positive with my life; I feel that need for a new and exciting adventure! Having a working […]