Final Report – A Must Read by Jordan Wilson

I don’t quite know where to start with this report. Im going to be honest with you though – I arrived back from Namibia yesterday and honestly, my last few months were hectic, there was no time to sit down and do a community report. I had a plan, but it never happened. So its debriefing tomorrow and now I am sitting writing this report in my strangely clean bedroom. Im just going to write about my year: my ups and downs, my accomplishments, and […]

Final Reflections – Family Life in Uganda by Keziah Berelson

Hazel’s Footprint’s Quarterly – The Final Quarterly! Wow. Bananke. I’ve been home for just a month today, and it feels like a year ago that I was in Entebbe airport, struggling to get my mats, my five–foot mingling stick and my banana fibre hat through customs! I left Uganda, my home away from home, and its impact on me I can’t see going for a very long time. My last few months were spent running reading classes for p7 pupils at St. Noa’s, ending in […]

Emily Gorman: Initial report

I have come to the realisation after 8 months of fundraising that the majority of responses I get when I tell people of my “Gap year” fall into 4 categories… No. 1) “Guyana? Is that African?” No. 2) “That sounds amazing, well done, when do you leave then?” No. 3) *Anxious glare* “Good luck with that! You’ll need all the luck you can get!” No. 4) “O… well what do your parents think of that?” I know what you’re thinking. Some of these responses could […]

Hannah Mackintosh: Initial report

On the first of September I will be setting off for Southern India to start what will be the biggest adventure of my life so far! I can’t believe how close it is now. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a gap year. I have a friend who went out to India with Project Trust to teach English a couple of years ago and I thought it seemed a great thing to do. To have the opportunity to go to […]