Fundraising Issues by Callum Henry

Nearly three months has passed now here in Kenya and they have been the most busy, exciting and stressful months of my life without a doubt. This update will not be your normal update like you will have received from others who you have helped in the past. I’ll try fill you in as best I can. Upon hearing the news that we will apply next year for funding we all sat down and had a big meeting to discuss the future of Badilisha Maisha. […]

14 Mangos a Day by Naomi Dunphy

Report 4- this is crazy! Time definitely flies when you are having fun. It’s actually pretty sad that I am nearly half way through my time. Well this month we have had births, weddings, funerals and installation of chiefs so it’s been a busy time (I have also managed to increase my mango record to 14 in one day and pretty sure I’ll manage to break it again – they are really addictive). First was the chief installation ceremony. This was for one of the […]

Yum – Cows Stomach and Hens Feet by Kirsty Butt

Hola from Peru! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.. Just thought I’d give you an update on my new life in Peru – to let you know how I’m getting on and to thank you again so much for your very kind donation! I have been living and working in the Aldea Infantil San Juan, Pucallpa, for almost four months now, and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone past! It is a village-like orphanage for around 70 kids, between […]

Break Dancing and Broken Buses by Natalie Smyth

Three months in and things here are going well. Teaching is a huge part of my daily life and I’ve had some really funny lessons. I try to make my lessons as interactive and involved as possible, the students here work so hard and so late that I feel it’s nice to give them a bit of a break from their textbooks. Lessons start at 6 30am and go on until 9 30pm, and our student friends are always walking around with a stack of […]

Marriage Proposals by Emma Campbell

My first week in South Africa was pretty chaotic, but very exciting! After a 7 hour flight from Heathrow to Dubai, then a 8 hour flight to Johannesburg, then a two day stay in Johannesburg visiting Soweto, the Hector Pieterson and Apartheid museums, last minute training and finally a 1 ½ hour flight on a rattling 27 seater plane into Mthatha airport. The plane journey was beautiful, soaring over the mountains of Lesotho and down into the outlying areas of Mthatha. The so called “airport” […]