News from Kisimenyi Primary in Kenya

Hazel’s Footprints have donated £13200 to African Promise to help in the construction of new classrooms and girls loos. Here’s their update on the project. Current status – building-by-building/ Nursery school – decorating has recently been completed and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Office – decorating was completed before Christmas and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Timber shelving and cupboard doors need to be fitted. We will use furniture from the existing staffroom and offices. Library – […]

Health centre training day – Soha Sobhy footprinter report

During my time i was often surprised by the referrals that we got from the health centres, patients with pre-eclampsia sent without blood pressures ever being taken, eclamptics being sent without receiving magnesium sulphate which helps stop the fitting, patients never getting basic antenatal testing like haemoglobins or HIV tests and patients in labour being referred far too late. So we decided on having a training day for the local health centres and 3 midwives attended from each centre.  We taught them the importance of basic […]