Eilidh Lamont: Initial report

Initial Report- Eilidh Lamont On September the 7th 2013 I am moving to Ghana, on the west coast of Africa, to volunteer on behalf of Project Trust. I’m leaving my home, my family, my friends and my bed (probably the most worrying part of all) for 12 whole months to teach a range of different subjects in an African village- it’s safe to say it doesn’t really feel real yet. During my year in Ghana I will be based in Lolobi Ashiambi, a small village […]

Katie Ingham: Initial report

It somehow seems fitting that I am writing my first report, sitting in the same chair that I was in this time last year, when I first began applying for my place with Project Trust, and sparked this whole adventure off. It had begun the same as always; a crazy day in the life of Katie, rushing around with 100 things to do 100 thoughts in my head and 100 questions for the future. The university fair was our destination, as we were racing down […]

Cameron Sinclair: Initial report

I am getting prepared to leave for India in one week’s time. I am so excited to get out into the unknown and explore a completely different culture. I am going to be volunteering at a small school in the northwest Himalaya in a region called Ladakh which has been a refuge for Tibetans leaving Tibet. I am going to run conversational classes with a mix of older kids who dropped out of school, Tibetan refugees and other children in the close vicinity to the […]

Cameron Welsh: Initial report

สวัสดี (Hello) My name is Cameron Welsh; I am 17 years old and have just finished my sixth and final year at Blairgowrie High School (near Perth in Scotland). In little over 2 months I will be flying from London into Thailand, where I will be staying and working for a year. The town I am staying in is called Phana and is located on the Eastern edge of Thailand near to the border with Laos and Cambodia. My partner and I will be living […]

Rosie Dowell: Initial report

In June 2011, I attended a selection course on the remote Hebridean Isle of Coll for a charity called Project Trust. Project Trust send about 300 17-19 year olds oversees each year, to teaching or social care projects in over 20 countries. I had always been aware of the charity and from a young age knew I really wanted the opportunity to travel somewhere remote and work and live in a community very different from the one I have grown up in, in Perth, Scotland. […]

Footprinter pre-departure report by Anna Clarke

So… here I am… my first “official” report as a Hazel’s Footprinter! The past week has been pretty busy with graduating, leaving Durham, saying goodbye to friends…etc… but now that I’m back home I can finally concentrate on preparations for the next stage in my life: ROMANIA! Having spent a month with The Smiles Foundation during summer last year I know where I’m heading and am familiar with some aspects of how the organisation works which makes the imminent move a little less scary! It’s […]