Time really does fly! – Footprinter Report by Anna Clarke

I always think “time flies” is a very overused expression but if I had to pick a phrase to sum up the past two months then this would definitely be a contender! I can’t believe it’s already mid-September! Having only ever been out here during summer in previous years I am also slowly having to accept that Romania it not always so warm and sunny! September has definitely brought with it some “cooler” weather… I guess it’s time to dig out the jeans! “So what […]

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi – Brilliant video from African Promise

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi from African Promise on Vimeo. Last week we received a link to this wonderful video of Kisimenyi School in Kenya from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise. It looks like an excellent end to a brilliant project and we’re happy to have been involved. Well done to everyone involved from HFT!

Final footprinter report: Gemma Eastman in Guyana

The most amazing year of my life so far has come to a close, as I have now returned from my time teaching with the charity Project Trust in Guyana. For the final 4 months of my year, I moved to Sawariwau Primary School in a much more remote area of the Rupununi, the village could only be entered by motorbike for most of the year and the only communication was by radio. There had never been volunteers in the community before and as a […]

Jamie Snedden: footprinter final report

Hello, my name is Jamie Snedden and I’m 18 years old. This time last year I was sitting in my school theatre, sweating my way through a particularly awful physics exam. Following some serious packing, I boarded a plane to Sri Lanka for 12 months of volunteering with the year-out provider Project Trust. Little did I know, the sweating hadn’t even begun… Firstly let me explain a little about where I was. Lying off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an island roughly […]

Update from Madaraka Community School in Kenya

(We’ve received this report from the Madaraka School in Kenya – £3000 which is money well spent by the sounds of it!- Well done to Hannah Headden and all those involved) Madaraka Primary School was originally set up and run by Kenyan youth in order to offer free primary education to children from low-income families and more particularly orphans and vulnerable children within the area of Likoni, Mombasa. After a local government primary school refused education to 20 orphaned children, several local youth aged from […]

Sam Williams: final footprinter report

Arriving back home after twelve months away was a strange feeling indeed. In some aspects it feels like yesterday since I was here but when I think back over the highlights, the challenges, the general experience and what I gained from it, I realize that it feels like a long but very rewarding year away. I can split my work at the school into the two halves of the year. I can now see that the first half of the year was not as enjoyable […]