Project Olbak Primary School – Summer 2013 by Annie Dixey

This year I travelled with 10 other students from Durham university travelled to a rural village in northern Tanzania to work with school children, to improve facilities in whatever way possible and necessary and to build water towers. Each one of us had a goal to raise money to fund the water tanks and a great deal of the project. On top of this we were lucky enough to receive a generous grant from Hazels Trust, to further improve the school. We arrived at the […]

Footprinter Report: Scott Chandler

One of the best things about an experience like this is you get a chance to discover the person within  you. This experience I have found has been a new start and the beginning of how I want to live the rest of my life. Since I first conceived the idea of FACESAfrica and working in the Central region of Kampala, Uganda with many orphanages I started to lay the foundations for independently run projects which were more closely aligned to my own core values. […]