Cameron Welsh in Thailand

Month 7 (March) – Council Sports, Science & English Camp, Graduation and Holidays March began with the annual sports competition for all the local councils. Instead of just setting it over a full day or even a weekend, Phana went all out and held it over the course of 2 weeks. The Phana council buildings are located right behind our house so we were right next to all of the action. Every day at around 4 when most people had finished work the area next […]

Katie Ingham – Footprinter report from Namibia

Here’s Katie’s third report from Namibia I don’t even know where to begin! It may sound clichéd but it does seem like only yesterday when I was writing my last report, struggling to keep going, wondering what another nine months without a partner would be like. Would I be able to stand it and cope on my own? To be honest it was quite a scary prospect. But then I realised that I chose to volunteer, fundraised so hard for it and in my heart […]

The first month: Footprinter report by Ceri Thomas

Bula! (Hello) From Fiji. When l arrived at the airport on the 13th of January my face was beeming with excitement – while my stomach was doing ‘somersaults’! As soon as l stepped onto the plane one thought hit me; l was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime! After two days of travelling with only 1 quick stop – l was exhausted. I looked out the window of the plane to a beautiful view of palm trees, green fields and the shiny […]