Footprinter report: Naomi High in Honduras

Time has gone really fast since I wrote the last report and a lot of things have changed. I have changed Host families as we both thought it was a good idea. Due to my long hours I was unable to spend much time with my host family and I was always very tired when I came home. We had different expectations of living/hosting and there were also some cultural difficulties which although we tried to resolve it was agreed it would be better for […]

Louis Pilard: footprinter report from Senegal

Footprinter Report #1: Imagining the Future It’s happened before. You spend so much time preparing to go on a journey or work on a project, whether it’s travelling, university or a new job, that you forget why you wanted to go in the first place. You forget to think about why the idea came to you in the first place. How much of it is just following the expected path? How much of it is genuine curiosity? How much of it is a trend? How […]