News from Azafady in Madagascar

Azafady is a UK charity and Malagasy NGO working on sustainable development in southeast Madagascar and a few years ago we donated £9,500 towards their project to build a new school. It now seems that progress is coming along. First of all, you can browse through some recent photographs of the construction work on Facebook. Then you can read a blog by one of our own footprinters, Eve Hadshar, who has been working on the project. A full report on the school project is coming […]

Amelia King: Second Footprinter Report from the Thailand- Burma border

The last few months in Thailand have been pretty hectic – as always. I have managed to assist my organisation with a few exciting projects that have taken up a lot of our time. We collect some medical supplies to send into Burma, into a particularly rural and inaccessible clinic where villagers often have to walk to days through the mountains to be able to reach, and even then the clinic has such limited resources villagers have to make do with traditional medicines. As such, […]

Footprinter report from Kirsty Scott in Otjikondo

I have now been in Otjikondo for almost 5 months and hope once I describe my day to day life here and some of the things I have been doing, you may understand why I have not written another report since leaving. From the very beginning I have been welcomed, with open arms, into the lives of everybody here. On our first day me and my partner Alice were immediately invited to lunch with our hosts, Gilly and Reiner Stommel, and then taken on multiple […]

A Happy Start to 2015 from Team Kenya

The New Year brings new students applying for sponsorship. Team Kenya is currently campaigning to send 20 girls to school with the #TeamKenya20 campaign. Check it out on our Facebook, Twitter and website We are all extremely happy with the support provided by Hazels Footprint Trust and we have some good news! Two of our tutors are now off to University! Meet Calvince Calvince is now in University studying to be a teacher. We know he will do a great job! Calvince scored a […]