Hazel’s Footprints at Wakadogo Library

It’s great to see a photograph of this sign outside Wakadogo Library in Uganda. If you’d like to read more about our involvement with this library project there are more photographs and news items here. You can also read their 2014 report by clicking on this link.

Exciting News from African Promise

We’ve recently had some exciting news from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise, who provide better primary schools for Kenyan children. HFT is building and funding the whole project – and we’re really pleased to see it all coming together. Here’s a little extract from an email we received from Charles. You’ll be delighted to hear that I am out here to finalise the plans for Ngambenyi and to launch the project. Please find attached a final site plan which shows the proposed layout […]

Footprinter report: Zoe Ketley in Honduras

February 2015 anuary was definitely the busiest month that I’ve had here so far. Despite the exhaustion and the fact that I was running purely on caffeine from the amazing Honduran coffee, it was one of my favourite months as well! In my last report I mentioned about getting organised for our January vacation camps and I’m happy to say they were a complete success. My role in the vacation camps this year meant that I was able to spend time in all four camps — Camp […]

Anna Haas in South Africa

One of our footprinters, Anna Haas, is volunteering for Project Trust at Mitchell House in South Africa. She’s sent us this description of what she’s up to on a day to day basis: I work with three different classes in the enrichment centre here at Mitchell House – Juniors, Seniors and Lifeskills. I’ve chosen to copy a passage I wrote about the Lifeskills class, as I believe it gives a clear image of the children and the work environment I’m surrounded by daily. ***************** Lifeskills: […]