News (and a great photograph) from Ngambenyi

We’ve been trying to keep abreast of developments from Kenya and the work African Promise are doing on a new primary school. A week ago we received the latest news, and it looks like things are progressing excellently. This is from Charles Coldman: === Just back from a few weeks in Kenya and I’m so thrilled and excited to be able to tell you that construction work proper has now started at Ngambenyi. Our Project Manager, engineer and one of our head builders were on […]

News from Team Kenya

We’ve had some great recent news from Team Kenya. They’ve rounded it all up for us in this PDF attachment that you can download here. Some highlights: Six secondary students were recently successful in gaining excellent grades in their KCSE results Scholarships for nine girls A new sponsor for a child == Image Credit: ViktorDobai

Footprinter report: Kirsty Scott in Namibia

Another term has passed; time is flying as fast as ever. The Yellow team won Sport’s Day, after it was almost rained off, and received their hard-earned ice-cream. Our Project Trust desk officer, Felicity, arrived in time for the event. She took photos throughout the day and chatted to everybody involved as well as bringing one of her colleagues with her to get footage for a new promotional Project Trust video. It was a long, hot day, but everybody enjoyed themselves and the whole Otjikondo […]