Jem Warner: Report ahead of Rwanda

This is my first Footprinter report as I prepare to set off for Rwanda to teach Maths and English to disadvantaged children. My name is Jem, I am 18 and I live in Swanage in Dorset. I have just finished my A-levels at the Purbeck School in Wareham and I shall be studying Law at Durham University from October 2016. I am very ready to leave the sleepy town of Swanage, and see places completely different from the familiarity of Dorset. I am so grateful to […]

Iona Smith – First Report from Otjikondo

I have now been living in Otjikondo for just over two months and so far my time here has flown by. In my first post I thought I would give an insight into the work that I am doing here. Before I begin I would just like to say an enormous thank you to Hazel’s Footprints Trust. I feel so lucky to be working where I am and couldn’t have done it without the funding I was given. I cannot thank them enough. We have […]

Louisa Crookshanks – First Report from Malaysia

It’s been almost 3 months since I landed in Malaysia now, which is crazy, and I am loving my time teaching, living and experiencing this wonderful country. I am in Malaysia for a whole year teaching English at a boarding, secondary school. I live at the school, situated just outside a small Malaysian fishing village, in the girls’ hostel with my two partners in a small flat. Living with new people, surrounded by the noise of 300 girls and being awoken at 5.30am each morning […]

Laura Pennycook: 2nd report from Guyana

As the little speed boat crossed the Demerara River, the change in landscape was incredible. In the space of 15 minutes we moved from a dirty, polluted dock at the forefront of Guyana’s capital city to the opposite bank filled with…. Nothing. Bush stretched for as far down the brown jungle river as I could see, and we pulled up in amongst a group of brightly coloured fishing boats. Much more picturesque that the coast we had left behind us for 5 days at least. […]

Emma Ralph – first report from Senegal

Salaam aleikum! In my third month as a Project Trust volunteer in Senegal, I am starting to feel very at home in this laid back country. I am teaching a 6e, 5e and two premiere classes (the equivalent to Year 7, 8 and the first year of 6th form.) I am still observing the older classes but I was thrown into the deep end with the younger ones. The kids are always enthusiastic to learn and I can’t wait to see them progress throughout the […]

Victoria Welsh – first report from Ghana

I live in a small village called Lolobi Ashiambi in the Volta region of Ghana with my Project Trust partner, Chloe. After 2 months we are finally beginning to settle into village life. Everyone here is so friendly although trying to learn the dialect is a real struggle. The village itself has one road running through it and we are situated right in the middle across from the crèche. After some decorating and cleaning our little house has actually become really homely. We have two […]