Louisa Crookshanks – second report from Malaysia

I can’t believe that’s it’s been 3 months since I last wrote a report like this and I am now halfway through my year in Malaysia. I can now completely confirm that the cliché is true, time does fly when you’re having fun! It seems like so long ago, but also just yesterday, I arrived at MRSM Mersing to completely new faces, smells and sounds but now I know these people as my friends and everything else is just my normal life. The teaching side […]

Iona Smith: From Namibia to Swaziland

Iona tells us what happened when her volunteer visa in Namibia wasn’t quite as it should be…and how she bravely soldiered on with her plan to support education with a new placement in Swaziland.  After spending several months at Otjikondo school in Namibia, I have had a dramatic change of plan.  I had to leave Namibia and I am spending the rest of my year in Swaziland. The other Namibia volunteers and I were arrested, made to leave as we had issues with our visas and […]

Stephanie Higgins – second report from Uganda

Since my last report, we have been very busy at school preparing for the end of term graduation before the children break up for the Christmas holidays. This meant that instead of teaching in the afternoon, we got to watch the children practice for their graduation performances, which involve lots of dancing, including traditional Ugandan dance, singing and drama. We also got asked to teach ballet because the teachers thought we would be ballet dancers because we’re English. Since I had done ballet till I […]

Stephanie Higgins – first report from Uganda

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Hazel’s Footprints for their support. I feel so privileged to be able to be here in Uganda and would not have been able to do it without this generosity. I can’t believe I’ve now spent almost two months in Kampala, Uganda with Smile Charity Uganda- the time has flown by! This gap year has been something that I’ve thought of and been excited about for a long time so it feels surreal […]