Stephanie Higgins: 3rd Report from Uganda

I can’t believe how much time has flown since my last report! It is now the second term of teaching at Ruth Mother Care school in Nansana, Kampala. This term we got right back into the swing of school life after the long Christmas break now that we are more used to the school day and the style of teaching there. For the first week or two of the new term, there were less children than usual because the children aren’t allowed to return to […]

Emma Ralph: 2nd report from Senegal

Since the last update, I’ve become more involved in the Fasjom evening classes for young girls who can’t attend school. It’s the part of the project that we feel the most passionate about so Josie (the other Project Trust volunteer) and I decided to increase our teaching hours. The classes used to run for two evenings a week, comprising of one French lesson and one maths lesson but we found that if the girls missed one lesson, it would really slow their progress and we […]

Jem Warner: Rwanda Report April 2016

I’ve come to appreciate a few more of the quirks of Rwandan life. People insist  – with rigour – that there is ‘no problem’, when sometimes there quite clearly is. They love to call white people ‘muzungu’ and for some reason ask if you want your beer cold or warm. Who wants a warm beer in the heat of east Africa?! I’ve been spending my weekends in the capital Kigali. It’s a place that has been transformed in recent years and looking at previous pictures, […]

Swawou School: Spring Update

Swawou School in Sierra Leone received funding from Hazel’s Footprints to pay for the head teacher’s salary for a period of 2 years.  This is a school which was severely affected by the recent Ebola crisis. Here is the first report from the school since the grant was awarded at the end of 2015.   Intro It’s been an exciting few months for the Swawou School Foundation. Work commenced on completing the construction of our new school in January and we’re pleased to report that […]