Points of Light Award from Number 10!

Door of Number 10 Downing Street

  We are so touched to announce that Joan and Bill Scott Aiton have just received a lovely letter from Theresa May. The letter was to tell us that Hazel’s Footprints has been given a “Points of Light” Award. The Prime Minister’s office announces one Point of Light each day to recognise “outstanding individual volunteers”. Theresa May wrote: “You have created an inspirational charity to commemorate the life of your daughter, Hazel. Through ‘Hazel’s Footprints’, you are helping others gain the life-changing experience of volunteering abroad, […]

Erin Milne: Footprinter Report from Malaysia

My first placement was at MRSM TAR, which was located on the East coast of Malaysia. After a few weeks of being at the new school, we were eventually given classes to teach ourselves. It was quite hard at TAR as not many people spoke to my partner and I. I put this down to the language barrier and perhaps they were too shy to approach us or reply if we conversed with them. A handful of the older students really helped to make us […]