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The first of the Trust’s three aims is:

To advance education for the public benefit by the provision of financial assistance to people embarking on a period of voluntary work overseas

Hazel herself benefited immensely from a gap year in 2001-2 at the Otjikondo Village School in Namibia – an experience that she wrote about extensively in her journal.  For this reason, one of the key aims of the Trust is to support individuals embarking upon a similar experience with volunteer grants.

The very first ‘Footprinter’ volunteer grants were funded in 2005.  In the years since then, the Trust has continued to financially support people travelling to all corners of the world.


Individuals applying for Footprinter volunteer grants will only be considered if they plan to volunteer for a minimum of six months in one location.  In addition, the volunteering work must be in the field of education, must be in a developing country, and applicants must complete the required form (link below).

So far we have sent over 100 Footprinters to a great range of different countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Cambodia, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, Malaysia, Malawi, Nigeria, Nepal, Namibia, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Swaziland, Sao Paulo, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, Vanuatu.

Perhaps you are considering a period of voluntary work in one of these countries, or perhaps you might be able to add another location to the Hazel’s Footprints World Map? In any case if you meet the qualification criteria then we’d love to hear from you.

Applications must be submitted by late September for January departure dates and by mid March for summer departure dates.  Please see form below.

Funding Application

  • Are you thinking about taking some time out (minimum 6 months) and applying to do some education-focused voluntary work overseas?
  • Are you in a job but considering a sabbatical year away from the workplace?
  • Are you considering a gap year abroad between school and university/college?
  • Do you already have firm plans on what you’d like to do with your time abroad, but could use some extra funding?

We’d like to hear from you. Our application form will give you the opportunity to tell us in detail what you will be doing during your time abroad. You must be volunteering with an educational project in a developing country for a minimum of 6 months.  Please note that we ask successful applicants to report back regularly during their volunteer period (with photos), and that these reports and images will be posted on our website and via our social media channels. 

*** Download your Footprinter application form here ***

Aims of funding support from HFT.

The principal reason for providing volunteer grants is to improve the lives children through education. We feel that helping volunteers travel overseas to support education is an extremely cost effective way of adding that extra something into the lives of those you visit.

To broaden your horizons by exposing you to a different culture and to develop your personality and self-confidence by helping others in less fortunate surroundings.

And thirdly, to provide the trust and its supporters with reports on your adventures and experiences. This not only gives those who donate something back, but will also act as a reference web site for others who are following you to help them make up their minds who to go with and where to go when they are making the difficult decision having taken the plunge of going on a Gap Year.

Hopefully, if all these aims are fulfilled, it will be a win, win, win situation!!!!!

Helpful hints for applicants.

1. Applications for volunteer grants are open to people of any age from anywhere in the UK or Europe as long as reports can be written in English.

2.The preferred duration of the project is a year, however we will consider those going for less time, but no less than six months.

3.The project must be education related.

As we get more than double the number of applicants to the amount of money we have available we must make some difficult decisions and they will be based on:-

1. The quality of your project.

2. The standard of your application and interview (we always aim to meet potential “Footprinters” in person).

3. Partly on a first come first served basis. We will give two or three awards for those setting off in January (applications by late September).  A larger number of volunteer grants are awarded for summer departures (applications required by mid March).

4. Whether we feel you will send in good quality reports for the website.

5. The value of how much money you have to raise and our estimation of the difficulty of that in each individual circumstance. Also where that money is going to; i.e. is it all going to an organisation or does some of it reach the project itself?

6. Whether we think you will make the most of a fantastic opportunity you are taking by helping those much less fortunate than yourselves.

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