Let Us Learn School opens in Tanzania

We are so excited to share this report of the recently completed Let Us Learn Secondary School in rural Tanzania. A Third Aim grant of £8,900 was awarded to support the final stages of building this brand new school near Arusha. It’s the very first secondary school to have been built in the Nadasoito rural community following years of dedication by our UK partners, Made with Hope, and Tanzanian NGO CHETI. After a final push on construction works, the school opened its doors to its very first pupils in January 2019.

As always, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to all who have contributed to this project. In particular, we’d like to mention of the pupils of St Mary’s School Melrose. Their cake sale efforts paid for a local carpenter to make desks and chairs for the classrooms.

Let us learn secondary school Tanzania

Background to Made with Hope and Nadasoito community

Just 1 in 3 Tanzanian children gets the chance to go to secondary school. Most of those children live in urban areas. Before 2019, children in Nadasoito, in rural Arusha, northern Tanzania, had no hope of attending a secondary school. Incredibly, the area does not even have transport links to Arusha city, despite being only 11km away.

Almost all of Nadasoito’s residents live in extreme poverty. Here you’ll find cramped mud huts with limited clean water supplies, poor sanitation facilities and almost no job opportunities. Critically, there was no route out through education. With no prospect of secondary schooling, children growing up here faced a bleak future trapped in poverty. Just to survive another day, the children in this community had to earn a living. Girls were often forced into early marriage.

Made with Hope, a UK charity, has been working tirelessly with Tanzanian NGO CHETI since 2016 to change all of that. They knew that building the community’s first secondary school – and giving the opportunity of education to 250 students every year – could transform the futures of Nadasoito’s residents. The Let Us Learn Secondary School was granted its government permit and the dream slowly built into a reality.

3 Classrooms to Complete the School

We met with Eleanor Riley, founder of Made with Hope, in spring 2018. At that point, Made with Hope had made incredible progress with the school build but was urgently seeking funding for completion of the final 3 classrooms. The deadline was for the new school to be ready to open for the start of the Tanzanian school year (Jan 19). We were very pleased to agree a grant of £8,900 from Hazel’s Footprints, just enough pay for the remaining building works, decorating and furnishing of the 3 classrooms.

In a matter of months, the Let Us Learn finishing touches were completed.  Let Us Learn Secondary School opened its door to its first pupils in January 2019.

A transforming impact

It seems that Let Us Learn pupils have settled in well to their first term of secondary school life. Founder of Made with Hope, Eleanor Riley, visited the school to see how they were getting on.  She said:

“We hosted an opening ceremony for the secondary school. Parents, village leaders and hundreds of members of the community came to see the school being opened. I was truly overwhelmed by how many people turned up. I know this school is going to help provide better futures for the children of this community and I’m so pleased that Hazel’s Footprints Trust has been able to help make that happen. A huge thank you from us all here at Made With Hope”

Eleanor also caught up with Zuma, CHETI’s School Director on her trip. He said:

“This school is going to transform this community. CHETI has educated over 8,000 primary school children since 1997. We are very excited to take on the challenge of educating hundreds of secondary school children. Our education is always very high quality and helps the poorest of children. Our education will give children a real chance to get out of poverty. I grew up as an orphan in poverty and I know that education changed my life. Me and my teachers will ensure every child reaches their potential. Every child matters to us.” 

Classroom Tour

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