Ngambenyi School all set for 2021 with COVID-safety

Ngambenyi school COVID face masks

As schools start to return in Scotland this week from another COVID-lockdown, we are thinking about all of the schools around the world which are less fortunate. For most of the schools we work with, the pandemic has forced much longer closures. For example, Ngambenyi Primary School in Kenya was closed for 9 months between March 2020 and January 2021. Hazel’s Footprints Trust recently sent its £5,000 annual grant to the school via partner charity African Promise. We know that this year it will be needed […]

Ngambenyi Update: April 2016

We recently heard from Charles Coldman, Director of African Promise, on the progress that’s being made at Ngambenyi school in Kenya.  We are so excited about this school: we are funding the entire school building project, the biggest we’ve ever done, and we made the decision having worked with Charles in much smaller ways on the other schools African Promise has supported in the area. African Promise are fantastic and doing all of the hard work needed to get this school off the ground…here is the […]

News (and a great photograph) from Ngambenyi

We’ve been trying to keep abreast of developments from Kenya and the work African Promise are doing on a new primary school. A week ago we received the latest news, and it looks like things are progressing excellently. This is from Charles Coldman: === Just back from a few weeks in Kenya and I’m so thrilled and excited to be able to tell you that construction work proper has now started at Ngambenyi. Our Project Manager, engineer and one of our head builders were on […]

Exciting News from African Promise

We’ve recently had some exciting news from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise, who provide better primary schools for Kenyan children. HFT is building and funding the whole project – and we’re really pleased to see it all coming together. Here’s a little extract from an email we received from Charles. You’ll be delighted to hear that I am out here to finalise the plans for Ngambenyi and to launch the project. Please find attached a final site plan which shows the proposed layout […]

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi – Brilliant video from African Promise

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi from African Promise on Vimeo. Last week we received a link to this wonderful video of Kisimenyi School in Kenya from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise. It looks like an excellent end to a brilliant project and we’re happy to have been involved. Well done to everyone involved from HFT!

News from Kisimenyi Primary in Kenya

Hazel’s Footprints have donated £13200 to African Promise to help in the construction of new classrooms and girls loos. Here’s their update on the project. Current status – building-by-building/ Nursery school – decorating has recently been completed and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Office – decorating was completed before Christmas and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Timber shelving and cupboard doors need to be fitted. We will use furniture from the existing staffroom and offices. Library – […]