Lisa Tyler: Initial report

Well, hello from Bristol! Where I have been temping and preparing for my gap year – and where it is currently tipping it down with rain! I hear it is snowing nearby too. Whilst the awful weather is kind of bearable over the festive period, I’m really glad to be heading to sunny Sao Paulo on 5 January… yet also sad to have so many goodbyes to say. I’ve been very busy, both working full-time to raise funds for my trip, and doing lots of […]

Final Report -What a Year by Sophie Bryant

Wow what a year it has been! My Action Team gap year programme officially came to an end in mid June after we had spent two months touring churches in the UK, returning from Brazil at the end of April. I have had the most incredible year and I feel so privileged that I have been able to experience it. During our month’s training period I wrote a list of both my hopes and fears for the year, and looking back it is amazing to […]

Last Month by Sophie Bryant

Ola! I am now in my last month here in Brazil and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. We are busy planning our final three weeks trying to pack them full with all of the things we want to do! I already feel very sad to be leaving; we have made so many amazing friendships here and had so many experiences that it is difficult to comprehend not living here any longer. But we still have some time, and have already set […]

Avoiding the Domino Effect by Sarah King

Second Report for Hazel’s Footprints From Sarah King I have just returned home after a month training in Birmingham. In the next few days before I go off to Brazil I’ll be getting the last minute bits and bobs that I’ll need while I’m out there. Training has been a very enjoyable and very educational experience, it’s given me e a chance to bond with my team and with all the other action teamers, who are going off around the world. Some people have said […]

Sophie Bryant: Initial report

Hi All As I write this I am currently sat on a train taking me to London St.Pancras, as I trek down south in order to meet up with some of my fellow “gappers.” My name is Sophie Bryant, and before studying a joint History and Sociology degree at university next year, I am having what will probably (well hopefully) be the most exciting year of my life! I am taking part in the Baptist Mission Society’s “Action Team” gap year programme. BMS is a […]

Sarah King: Initial report

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m choosing to spend my gap year in Brazil, with a charity called BMS, Baptist Missionary Society. What initially attracted me to BMS was the fact that they seemed to offer a well supported, well planned, and well balanced year out for a person looking to take a year out. This accompanied with our agreements in faith matters, was what made me decided to pursue the idea. When I applied to become an “action teamer” as we are called […]