Final Thanks by Caitlin Ripley

Dear All, I am terribly sorry for the delay in this letter but I guess in all the hubbub of returning and heading off again I thought I had already sent this. Clearly not. This is just a note to say thank you so much for your support which got me to Thailand. I had the most fantastic year anyone could have hoped for. Although it was a bit of a shock returning to England at first (mostly being able to move without sweating) I’m […]

Stopping Them Cheating is Impossible by Caitlin Ripley

I think this may be my last report from Thailand! I can’t believe it! It’s nearly over! I think I only have 6 weeks left of teaching left after tomorrow – I must say it’s a scary thought! Since I last wrote, what has happened? SO MUCH! I’m not sure if the student trip to Pattaya was mentioned last time, but in January, a few teachers and several busloads of students voyaged down south on an entirely un-educational trip! We stayed in a temple, went […]

Glammed Up Thai Style by Caitlin Ripley

I hope you have all had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I’ve certainly had an eventful one myself, to go with a busy and spectacular past three months! In October, I was sent off to Chiang Mai during the school holidays for a three week language course with AUA, who have a course specifically for Project Trust volunteers, like myself. It was great to see all the other volunteers from all over Thailand, and as well as having a very fun […]

First Impressions by Caitlin Ripley

Message From Thailand! I’m finally away and in Thailand! I’ve been at my school in Mae Sai for over a week now, so I guess its time for an update. On flying into Bangkok the heat that hit us was almost overwhelming, but what struck me more was how dark it was at only 6 o’clock: no long evenings for us over here I suppose. After two days in the capital, my project partner, Katie, and I were bussed up North to what is now […]

Caitlin Ripley: Initial report

I’m going to Thailand… and not for a holiday! That’s been my slogan for the last 14 months of gap year planning and fundraising and now its finally happening! I’m Caitlin and in Easter 2009 I was selected by Project Trust (the charity hazel’s co-volunteers travelled with) to be the 2010/11 volunteer English teacher in Mae Sai, Thailand; after that horrific struggle which was my A levels. I’ve been enjoying the fundraising greatly, as hard as it may have been, but I’m hoping that its […]