Michael Sleeman final footprinter report from Fiji

Image source Seven and a Half Month (Final) Report Bula everyone for the final time! Crazy as it seems, my time in Fiji has come to an end and I am now in the process of adapting back to a Western way of living (and a rather cooler climate) in New Zealand before returning to the UK to start uni. I’m not entirely sure where this last two and a half months have gone but they have certainly been jam packed in one way or […]

Michael Sleeman footprinter report from Fiji

  Two and a Half Month Report – Michael Sleeman Bula everyone! For those of you who missed my initial pre-departure report, my name is Michael and I am currently on a gap year placement, working as a teacher in a school in Fiji. I started at the beginning of Fijian school term 1, back in mid-January and I will be here until the end of term 2 which will be sometime in the middle of August. What you are about to read is my […]

Ceri Thomas Report 3: Settling in to Fijian life

Bula (Hello) again from Fiji. I am now 7 1/2 months in to my volunteer placement here. As you may have read from my last report l was originally only staying in Fiji from January to August (7 months). After my difficult start I got through it and l definitely believe I came out stronger. I learned to appreciate every little thing and I can honestly say I am loving every minute now. In April I made a big decision and decided to extend my […]

The first month: Footprinter report by Ceri Thomas

Bula! (Hello) From Fiji. When l arrived at the airport on the 13th of January my face was beeming with excitement – while my stomach was doing ‘somersaults’! As soon as l stepped onto the plane one thought hit me; l was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime! After two days of travelling with only 1 quick stop – l was exhausted. I looked out the window of the plane to a beautiful view of palm trees, green fields and the shiny […]

Initial report: Ceri Thomas

I am very grateful for the funding that Hazel’s Footprints Trust has given me towards my volunteering placement in Fiji. First a little about me: I will be 19 in January and last year I completed my Diploma in Child Care and Education at my local college, Coleg Gwent, in Pontypool, Wales. I live with my mum and dad, and have one sister, Laura. I have always wanted to do overseas volunteering. When I was in Primary School we had a talk on children in […]

Kemi Ami-Agbaje: Initial report

Going to Fiji in March will be a huge stepping stone for me.I have never been one to travel or to experience voluntary work out of my local community.So as much I am looking forward to going; I’m pretty much looking forward to coming back as well.The thought of gaining the experience I need after my degree will definitely boost my confidence for when I have graduated. Apart from the fact that it would help my career; there is also the joy of going out […]