Jamie Blaikie: 2nd Report from Roatan, Honduras

Jamie Blaikie is volunteering in beautiful Roatan, Honduras

We are over the 8 month mark. A completely ridiculous thing to think about. For me – Jamie Blaikie – it is such a crazy thought as I have become so invested in the Project and in the teaching and living in Punta Gorda that I can’t imagine how life is going to change when I go back to Scotland. Moreover I can’t imagine life without our wee house, without Merilu’s cooking and without teaching nutter kids every day! Back to Punta Gorda I last wrote […]

Erin Milne: Footprinter Report from Malaysia

My first placement was at MRSM TAR, which was located on the East coast of Malaysia. After a few weeks of being at the new school, we were eventually given classes to teach ourselves. It was quite hard at TAR as not many people spoke to my partner and I. I put this down to the language barrier and perhaps they were too shy to approach us or reply if we conversed with them. A handful of the older students really helped to make us […]

Murray Watson: Second Report from Guyana

Map showing Guyana where Murray Watson volunteers

Murray Watson reports on his volunteer year at Sand Creek Secondary, Guyana. Time to write from Letham Day 110, again I’m in Lethem – 3 hours from Sand Creek. This time meals and accommodation have been provided for by the ministry – thus the room is shared, the bed has no sheet or duvet and there’s no mossy nets but hey it’s free. Ben and I are here to represent Sand Creek Secondary at a mathematics workshop with the purpose of relaying information about the […]

Jem Warner: Final Report from Rwanda

After finishing at the Excel school, I then started working at the Rwamagana Protestant school, a secondary school. Here I taught Maths to slightly older students, whose English was very good. Once again, they were all so eager to learn and showed great interest. Children who go to school in Rwanda seem to be so grateful they have a chance at education and seem to have such a brilliant time when they are there. When I turned up at the school, all the children in […]

Footprinter report: Zoe Ketley in Honduras

February 2015 anuary was definitely the busiest month that I’ve had here so far. Despite the exhaustion and the fact that I was running purely on caffeine from the amazing Honduran coffee, it was one of my favourite months as well! In my last report I mentioned about getting organised for our January vacation camps and I’m happy to say they were a complete success. My role in the vacation camps this year meant that I was able to spend time in all four camps — Camp […]

Amelia King: Second Footprinter Report from the Thailand- Burma border

The last few months in Thailand have been pretty hectic – as always. I have managed to assist my organisation with a few exciting projects that have taken up a lot of our time. We collect some medical supplies to send into Burma, into a particularly rural and inaccessible clinic where villagers often have to walk to days through the mountains to be able to reach, and even then the clinic has such limited resources villagers have to make do with traditional medicines. As such, […]