Porridge & Pens: A letter from the pandemic

pandemic food Ghana porridge & pens

Last month, we received a letter from Jemma Williams, Founder of Porridge & Pens, to update on school life in Ghana amid the global pandemic. In 2020, we agreed to fund the salary of Head Teacher Ben Antwi – since then, it sounds like he has gone to heroic efforts to help the children of Brightlingsea Academy. We wanted to share this letter with our supporters as it’s such an incredible story of resilience and dedication, made possible with the funds that all of you help […]

Catherine Roy-Stanley’s First Report from Ghana

Catherine Roy-Stanley

After nearly two months in Ghana, I can safely say that the mad way of life here feels almost ordinary. Power cuts, taxis with doors falling off and the absence of any organisation are all quite normal. There are so many moments where I pinch myself, wondering how and why I never appreciated such luxuries like hot showers and toilet paper. Comfy beds and functioning kettles are things of dreams! At first, everything was a massive shock. The difference in culture, people, values and norms […]

Hector Wotherspoon’s final report from Ghana

Hector Wotherspoon in Ghana

As I sit here back home in my comfortable kitchen, it’s hard to believe that only four weeks ago I was standing up in front of a class of 55 pupils. It was 36 degrees and 99% humidity and I was teaching them about numeric bases and superlative adjectives, amongst other things. As cliché as it sounds, my time in Ghana has been the best experience of my life. I’ve spent eight months living in a completely new environment. I’ve met some amazing people, heard some incredible […]

Hector Wotherspoon: Footprinter off to Ghana

Hector Wotherspoon

15 days to go… and counting! I’m so excited to be heading out to Ghana in the New Year. “Woah, hold on a minute.. Ghana? I thought he was going to Nepal?”. Due to problems outwith both mine and Project Trust’s control I was unable to secure a visa to volunteer there. So Ghana it is! While I was very excited about the prospect of Nepal – Ghana seems just as good, if not a better, alternative. The project is really rural – just how […]

Victoria Welsh – first report from Ghana

I live in a small village called Lolobi Ashiambi in the Volta region of Ghana with my Project Trust partner, Chloe. After 2 months we are finally beginning to settle into village life. Everyone here is so friendly although trying to learn the dialect is a real struggle. The village itself has one road running through it and we are situated right in the middle across from the crèche. After some decorating and cleaning our little house has actually become really homely. We have two […]

Footprinter report: Eilidh Lamont in Ghana

By Eilidh Lamont I live in a small village called Lolobi Ashiambi with my project partner, Karina. It’s about 2 miles north East out of the nearest small town, Hohoe, where there’s a weekly market and a restaurant that actually serves western type food. (But your shortest wait to be served is no less than an hour…at best!) We’re located in the Volta region of Ghana, very near the borders of Togo. It’s exceptionally beautiful. This particular area is decked with trees and hills, in […]

Eilidh Lamont: Initial report

Initial Report- Eilidh Lamont On September the 7th 2013 I am moving to Ghana, on the west coast of Africa, to volunteer on behalf of Project Trust. I’m leaving my home, my family, my friends and my bed (probably the most worrying part of all) for 12 whole months to teach a range of different subjects in an African village- it’s safe to say it doesn’t really feel real yet. During my year in Ghana I will be based in Lolobi Ashiambi, a small village […]

Leaving My Comfort Zone by Sally Greenwood

Home Sweet Home. I have been home from Ghana, where I spent four months, for two weeks today! Firstly, if you are reading this you are most likely in the UK sitting in your office or house with most likely a fast broadband. In all likelihood you had a hot shower this morning and had your tea with milk from the fridge and in a minute you may feel thirsty and just wander to the tap and get a glass of water. Later, you might […]

THREE Reports in One by Grace and Jason

NOVEMBER We made it to Dodowa! The past two months have been amazing! We’ve had the most brilliant time (and abandoned vegetarianism at least temporarily) and now we’re here; it doesn’t seem real. It’s quite a shock to have arrived somewhere, having slept in so many beds/tents/hammocks along the way, and know this is where we will settle. To quote from my diary: “Basically we’re both shitting it a bit. Jase is worried I don’t/won’t like it even though he knows I’ll love it really. […]

Problems of Making a Difference by Sally Greenwood

Dear everyone! I have been in Ghana for one month and one week now and thought it was high time to send a Footprint Report in before I forget everything that has happened so far! To be honest I’m not really sure where to start! The first thing I want to mention really is culture shock. Before I came to Ghana I spoke about culture shock in an offhand, sure I’m going to get it yeah and then I’ll get over it, kind of way. […]

Let’s Get Sal to Ghana by Sally Greenwood

Hi there! My name is Sally Greenwood, I am twenty one years old and live in Derbyshire. In February, I will be volunteering in Ghana for six months! I am a recent graduate from the University of Nottingham where I studied human geography. Throughout university I enjoyed volunteering and working with young people; from e-mentoring and helping in a local primary school, to becoming a mentor at a local secondary school. Towards the end of my second year I became fixed on the idea of […]

On Our Bikes BY Grace and Jason

Planning this trip began with Grace’s year in Otjikondo, after which we spent 5 years looking for a chance and reason to live and work in Africa together. In 2005 we learned of a bicycle recycling charity, Re-Cycle, based in Colchester, the aims of which were threefold. First, to prevent bikes from entering the waste system by accepting public donations of unwanted cycles and also working with council led canal clearing projects to reclaim dumped bikes. Re-Cycle then repair and restore the cycles in their […]