Murray Watson: Second Report from Guyana

Map showing Guyana where Murray Watson volunteers

Murray Watson reports on his volunteer year at Sand Creek Secondary, Guyana. Time to write from Letham Day 110, again I’m in Lethem – 3 hours from Sand Creek. This time meals and accommodation have been provided for by the ministry – thus the room is shared, the bed has no sheet or duvet and there’s no mossy nets but hey it’s free. Ben and I are here to represent Sand Creek Secondary at a mathematics workshop with the purpose of relaying information about the […]

Murray Watson: Early Days report from Guyana

celebrations for Amerindian Heritage

Murray Watson lets us know how he’s getting teaching maths and science in Sand Creek, Guyana. To say he’s working with limited resources is an understatement, but he (and the rest of the school) are doing a fantastic job regardless. Fast forward to Day 40 Day 40, no money, no ATMs work and we’re skipping meals.  All to ensure we have enough funding to make it back to the school in time for Monday. I currently sit in the Takatu hotel, Lethem, making the most […]

Laura Pennycook: 4th Report from Guyana

I was wondering why I’d put on some weight since arriving in Guyana – or as the locals say, ‘Miss you gat phaaaaat, man!’ Then I realised the answer is in the question: I live in Guyana. I am 100% not complaining as you will soon find out how good the food is, but I wouldn’t say no to a massive salad now and then. Something I never thought I would say… So, here’s your guide to the Guyanese diet. FRUIT!!!: starting with what should […]

Laura Pennycook: 3rd Report from Guyana

A day in the life of a jungle dweller – Saturday 20th February 2016 I was woken at 5 to a bus blaring its horn outside. Bryher was going to Georgetown to collect a package from home so had been up since 4 prepping herself for the 5 hour journey down the bumpiest trail in Guyana (in my opinion). I tried to get back to sleep but half an hour later Cheniah, a Grade 7, came to drag me out to basketball practise. Kwakwani is […]

Laura Pennycook: 2nd report from Guyana

As the little speed boat crossed the Demerara River, the change in landscape was incredible. In the space of 15 minutes we moved from a dirty, polluted dock at the forefront of Guyana’s capital city to the opposite bank filled with…. Nothing. Bush stretched for as far down the brown jungle river as I could see, and we pulled up in amongst a group of brightly coloured fishing boats. Much more picturesque that the coast we had left behind us for 5 days at least. […]

Laura Pennycook: First report from Guyana

After being in Kwakwani for over 2 weeks, it’s easy to forget exactly where I am because the jungle is kept so well at bay. But I got some context last night when Bryher and I climbed the hill behind our house in time for sunset – we are completely surrounded by seemingly impenetrable rainforest, the only way in or out is via a minibus on the bumpiest road ever and the sounds of insects/birds/cockerels wafting around provides a permanent soundtrack. September is supposed to […]

Final footprinter report: Gemma Eastman in Guyana

The most amazing year of my life so far has come to a close, as I have now returned from my time teaching with the charity Project Trust in Guyana. For the final 4 months of my year, I moved to Sawariwau Primary School in a much more remote area of the Rupununi, the village could only be entered by motorbike for most of the year and the only communication was by radio. There had never been volunteers in the community before and as a […]

Emily Gorman: Initial report

I have come to the realisation after 8 months of fundraising that the majority of responses I get when I tell people of my “Gap year” fall into 4 categories… No. 1) “Guyana? Is that African?” No. 2) “That sounds amazing, well done, when do you leave then?” No. 3) *Anxious glare* “Good luck with that! You’ll need all the luck you can get!” No. 4) “O… well what do your parents think of that?” I know what you’re thinking. Some of these responses could […]