Guest blog by Educate for Life’s Iona-Jane Harris

Hunar Ghar school in India

We are very excited to share a blog written by Iona-Jane Harris who is one of the Directors of Educate for Life. This is an incredible British charity working at grassroots level in India. More specifically, Educate for Life have been successfully created, alongside local partners and some outstanding Indian teachers, a “model rural school” near Udaipur in Rajasthan.  That school is Hunar Ghar. Iona-Jane is just back from a visit to the school and reports on what she’s found.   by Iona-Jane Harris In October […]

Excellent progress at Hunar Ghar school, India

Hazel's Footprints funds two teachers at Educate for Life's Hunar Ghar school in India

We’re delighted to provide you with an update on how things are going at Hunar Ghar, India.  We are one year into three years of funding teachers’ salaries at this inspirational school set up by our UK partner Educate for Life.  Hunar Ghar is based in a rural area near Udaipur, Rajasthan – one of the poorest states in all of India. Update after 12 Months of Funding All teachers at Hunar Ghar, including two funded by one of our “Third Aim” education project grants, receive regular […]

Lucy Mytton’s Second Footprinter Report – India

Lucy Mytton - art workshop in India

Hello, I welcome you find out more about my Art Workshops and life in India, let me tell  you about the last 3 months. India bursts with colour, through the landscape, the transport, the music,the people, the buildings, the food. You can spend 5 minutes here and you will see that art is naturally a large part of the culture. But I have noticed that in school, the children are not exposed to expressing themselves with art or creative thinking. This is where I come […]

Grant-funded Hunar Ghar pupils get top marks!

We’ve just heard some  incredible results from Hunar Ghar school in rural Rajasthan. Every single pupil in Standard 5 class has been awarded an A grade in recent state board exams.  This is one of the schools we fund under our Third Aim.  It’s run by a superb team at Educate for Life, a UK charity responsible for running the project in India. The 100% A grade success rate is completely unheard of in a rural school in India. That’s because the vast majority of parents in the […]

Lucy Mytton’s first footprinter report (India)

It’s nearly one month until I get on the plane and fly east to India for one whole year. I will be running art projects and workshops for the whole 12 months. Working with disadvantaged children in and around Vellore, Tamil Nadu, as well as travelling across and up to tribal villages in Jawadhu Hills too. I find it quite a challenge in itself to really explain how I feel about going. I’ve been organising and preparing for the trip since March 2016. It’s always felt […]

Hannah Brown in India – Initial Report

In a couple of weeks time I’m going to be embarking on my new adventure in Nagaland (a State in North East India) and it’s one I’m so excited to be able to share with you all. I went to Nagaland at the beginning of 2013 and fell in love with the place and the people. Although I was only there for 5 weeks, I had the opportunity to meet many families. Among those families were a few with children with special needs and I […]

Cameron Sinclair: Initial report

I am getting prepared to leave for India in one week’s time. I am so excited to get out into the unknown and explore a completely different culture. I am going to be volunteering at a small school in the northwest Himalaya in a region called Ladakh which has been a refuge for Tibetans leaving Tibet. I am going to run conversational classes with a mix of older kids who dropped out of school, Tibetan refugees and other children in the close vicinity to the […]

Hannah Mackintosh: Initial report

On the first of September I will be setting off for Southern India to start what will be the biggest adventure of my life so far! I can’t believe how close it is now. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a gap year. I have a friend who went out to India with Project Trust to teach English a couple of years ago and I thought it seemed a great thing to do. To have the opportunity to go to […]

The Reality of Disability in India by Susannah Morcowitz

‘There are 70 million people in India with a disability, 95% of those have no access to education’. That is the equivalent of the whole of the UK not having access to education! In a recent article, entitled, ‘No country for disabled people’ Rema Nagarajan(Times of India, February 15th 2011) paints a very bleak picture for the prospects of people with disability in India. Most schools in India, including special educational needs schools and India’s top universities do not have any adapted access for persons […]

Susannah Morcowitz: Initial report

In just a couple of days I will be flying direct into Southern India. I will be spending the year in Bangalore volunteering with the Association of People with Disabilities (APD). The APD works with children, young people and adults with a range of different needs. They run a huge variety of projects and have developed several programmes for various disabilities categorised intotherapeutic services, training and employment and education and advocacy (see if you would like to know more about the range of projects […]

Signing Off with an Understatement by Kyle and Sarah

Suppose this will be our final report. We are returning home in 5 days. To say that our feelings are mixed would be an understatement of biblical proportions. Indeed we will miss this place, it has a very unusual charm (again “unusual” being a major understatement!). At the risk of ruining the effect of the term –understatement- it could be said that we have certainly had some very high- ups and some very low- downs. One of the hardest things about leaving this place will […]

Pre-Monsoon Travels by Kyle and Sarah

After a 4 week break to the paradises that are Goa and Kerala we returned to the magnificent foothills of the Himalayas. From the sands, seas and scorching sun we are back to the very green, wet and cold surroundings of the school but we couldn’t be happier to see the children and get back to the hard work. Goa was wonderful which was to be expected, fantastic weather and plenty of hustle and bustle on the beach of Palolem for our first 2 days. […]

No More Big Macs by Kyle and Sarah

Sorry you haven’t heard from us before now, we have just managed to get an internet connection. It took us three long days to finally arrive at the school which is an absolutely fantastic place. We first arrived in India in Kolkata, which was a major shock to the system, with stifling heat (32C at 08.00). The taxi drive to our hostel (run as part of the school) was equally shocking, there is only really one rule of the road and that is to lean […]

Thakurpukur Project Report

It’s no secret to the people closest to me that I loathe the country I live in, I don’t hide this fact and I’m not ashamed to admit to it, I’m sure there are more people who feel the same way. My dislike for Britain was one of the reasons fuelling my ambition to become a volunteer, but as the project progressed my reasons began to both broaden and deepen in meaning. I did not have many reasons to speak about, but the few I […]