Katie Ingham – Final Report

How do I conclude this year? How do I manage to put this year into words? I will struggle but I will try… My main thought is I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALL OVER! I still have moments when I’m walking down a street in my town wondering if it was all some amazing dream! Life back here suddenly seems so normal, predictable even – nothing has really happened and mostly life is trundling along as it was before I left. Yet here I am, having […]

Katie Ingham – Footprinter report from Namibia

Here’s Katie’s third report from Namibia I don’t even know where to begin! It may sound clichéd but it does seem like only yesterday when I was writing my last report, struggling to keep going, wondering what another nine months without a partner would be like. Would I be able to stand it and cope on my own? To be honest it was quite a scary prospect. But then I realised that I chose to volunteer, fundraised so hard for it and in my heart […]

Katie Ingham – footprinter report from Namibia

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.’ Well hello again, so I have been here in Omaruru for just over two months and it has been a hectic whirlwind. To call it a rollercoaster would be an understatement! As I said before, the next step in my adventure was to attend training at Coll. This was a very intense week with a crash course about health, safety and teaching for the whole year overseas. […]

Katie Ingham: Initial report

It somehow seems fitting that I am writing my first report, sitting in the same chair that I was in this time last year, when I first began applying for my place with Project Trust, and sparked this whole adventure off. It had begun the same as always; a crazy day in the life of Katie, rushing around with 100 things to do 100 thoughts in my head and 100 questions for the future. The university fair was our destination, as we were racing down […]