Ngambenyi School all set for 2021 with COVID-safety

Ngambenyi school COVID face masks

As schools start to return in Scotland this week from another COVID-lockdown, we are thinking about all of the schools around the world which are less fortunate. For most of the schools we work with, the pandemic has forced much longer closures. For example, Ngambenyi Primary School in Kenya was closed for 9 months between March 2020 and January 2021. Hazel’s Footprints Trust recently sent its £5,000 annual grant to the school via partner charity African Promise. We know that this year it will be needed […]

Gillian Mckay’s first report on IOM Somalia Mission

Somalia flag

Mambo! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been interning for almost three months now! Time really is flying! I’m interning with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It’s also known as the United Nations (UN) Migration Agency. More specifically, I am working with the Somalia mission which is made up of around 400 staff. The main offices are in Nairobi and Mogadishu. In addition, there is a field and satellite presence in each region of Somalia. Life in Nairobi Despite the traffic (!) Nairobi is […]

Ngambenyi – a “model” school in Kenya

Ngambenyi nursery and playground funded by Hazel's Footpritns and built by African Promise

We are so happy to hear from African Promise that Ngambenyi Primary School in Kenya, the rebuilding of which was fully funded by Hazel’s Footprints, has been recognised as a “model” school by its local County government.   Charles Coldman, founder of African Promise, received a letter from the Honourable Daniel Mwakisha of the local County government over the summer. The letter praises African Promise for standard-setting work in the Kasigau region, and singles out Ngambenyi in particular: “I note with a lot of appreciation that […]

Ngambenyi Update: April 2016

We recently heard from Charles Coldman, Director of African Promise, on the progress that’s being made at Ngambenyi school in Kenya.  We are so excited about this school: we are funding the entire school building project, the biggest we’ve ever done, and we made the decision having worked with Charles in much smaller ways on the other schools African Promise has supported in the area. African Promise are fantastic and doing all of the hard work needed to get this school off the ground…here is the […]

News (and a great photograph) from Ngambenyi

We’ve been trying to keep abreast of developments from Kenya and the work African Promise are doing on a new primary school. A week ago we received the latest news, and it looks like things are progressing excellently. This is from Charles Coldman: === Just back from a few weeks in Kenya and I’m so thrilled and excited to be able to tell you that construction work proper has now started at Ngambenyi. Our Project Manager, engineer and one of our head builders were on […]

News from Team Kenya

We’ve had some great recent news from Team Kenya. They’ve rounded it all up for us in this PDF attachment that you can download here. Some highlights: Six secondary students were recently successful in gaining excellent grades in their KCSE results Scholarships for nine girls A new sponsor for a child == Image Credit: ViktorDobai

A Happy Start to 2015 from Team Kenya

The New Year brings new students applying for sponsorship. Team Kenya is currently campaigning to send 20 girls to school with the #TeamKenya20 campaign. Check it out on our Facebook, Twitter and website We are all extremely happy with the support provided by Hazels Footprint Trust and we have some good news! Two of our tutors are now off to University! Meet Calvince Calvince is now in University studying to be a teacher. We know he will do a great job! Calvince scored a […]

Charity update from Future Hope Montessori School August 2014

Hazel’s Footprints is excited to be supporting The Vipingo Village Fund in Kenya with a £10,000 grant. Here’s a little bit more about the work they do. The Vipingo Village fund, which built, funds and operates Future Hope Montessori School, is a small, family run, UK registered charity that supplies all the needs from education, health care, daily nutritious food to fun, stimulation and providing a window onto the outside world, for 123 totally destitute children, all of whom are in some way HIV/AIDS affected. […]

Updates from Kisimenyi Primary & Wakadogo

We’ve just had two reports in from some fantastic project. The first is at Kisimenyi Primary School in Kenya: In this report we update you on the current situation at Kisimenyi Primary following completion of our major, two-year rehabilitation project at the school in September 2013. It includes news on the introduction of a pupil feeding programme, the on-going beautification and landscaping of the school grounds, and on our plans for the future. Click here to read the full PDF report And the second is […]

Update from Team Kenya

We donated £2440 last year to Team Kenya for help with teachers and the rest of the wonderful work that they do. They’ve just sent us this update: Top performance in KCSE Thanks to the extra support our sponsored students received via Hazels Footprint Trust, we have 4 students who passed with direct entry to University. 11 students sat for their KCSE’S and each student made remarkable improvements in the last term with the extra support they received. Here is a message from our top […]

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi – Brilliant video from African Promise

A celebration of the new school at Kisimenyi from African Promise on Vimeo. Last week we received a link to this wonderful video of Kisimenyi School in Kenya from Charles Coldman, the director of African Promise. It looks like an excellent end to a brilliant project and we’re happy to have been involved. Well done to everyone involved from HFT!

Update from Madaraka Community School in Kenya

(We’ve received this report from the Madaraka School in Kenya – £3000 which is money well spent by the sounds of it!- Well done to Hannah Headden and all those involved) Madaraka Primary School was originally set up and run by Kenyan youth in order to offer free primary education to children from low-income families and more particularly orphans and vulnerable children within the area of Likoni, Mombasa. After a local government primary school refused education to 20 orphaned children, several local youth aged from […]

Kianda Transition Class Report

The Building Work When our centre in Kianda village of Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya) closed for Christmas holidays, building work for our new Transition classroom and microfinance office began. We had bought the land a couple of months prior to the building work starting and were waiting for the compound to be clear of chil-dren before we began the work. In the space of a week the structure was up, built and almost finished. Although the building is basic, it does the job and will […]

News from Kisimenyi Primary in Kenya

Hazel’s Footprints have donated £13200 to African Promise to help in the construction of new classrooms and girls loos. Here’s their update on the project. Current status – building-by-building/ Nursery school – decorating has recently been completed and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Office – decorating was completed before Christmas and the glazer is now on-site fitting the window glasses. Timber shelving and cupboard doors need to be fitted. We will use furniture from the existing staffroom and offices. Library – […]

Mid-term report by Sarah Croxford

How can I summarise the last six or seven months in Kenya? Exciting, scary, tough, amazing, sad, joyful, a dream come true, a life-changing experience… All of these and more! I began my time at Mahali Pa Watoto in Nairobi by spending a week in each class, observing and helping. I wanted to get to know the staff, children and routines as well as start to identify the areas that I thought we could work on together, my brief being to help ‘raise standards’. After […]

Sarah Croxford: Initial report

Hello, I’m Sarah, I’m a primary teacher with 7 years’ experience, and I’m taking a sabbatical year from my job in order to volunteer in Kenya. It’s just over a week until I leave, and I’m a mixture of nerves and excitement! I’m still packing as I’ve had to move out of my flat as well as packing my suitcases, but things are definitely coming together now. I am really excited to get to Nairobi, settle into my accommodation and get started at the pre-school […]

Adongo the Alarm Clock by Vicki White

Amosi! (Hi) I can’t quite believe I have been in Kenya for just over 2 months, the time has gone so fast! I have been volunteering with the charity Team Kenya. Team Kenya work with the community of Ndhiwa in Western Kenya. The charity aims to empower the community with a particular emphasis on empowering women and girls as they are the most vulnerable in this community. I have also been joined by 3 other volunteers, Josh and Jess from New Zealand and Rob from […]

Vicki White: Initial Report

Not long now!!! Hi there! My name is Vicki White, I am 23 years old and live in Newcastle upon Tyne. In February I will be volunteering in Kenya for 6 months and I can’t wait! The organisation I will be volunteering with is Team Kenya (, a charity based in Newcastle. I will be staying at Karibuni Eco Cottages in Ndhiwa, Western Kenya ( Team Kenya is a charity that is particularly close to my heart as I have been fundraising for them since […]

Fundraising Issues by Callum Henry

Nearly three months has passed now here in Kenya and they have been the most busy, exciting and stressful months of my life without a doubt. This update will not be your normal update like you will have received from others who you have helped in the past. I’ll try fill you in as best I can. Upon hearing the news that we will apply next year for funding we all sat down and had a big meeting to discuss the future of Badilisha Maisha. […]

Initial report by Callum Henry

I’ve been here for a month now and I feel that I’m now ready to give you a full update of the project. I now understand the aims much better and I also now fully understand why this project is needed within this community of Kilifi. To begin with, this centre is a remedial education and support centre. There have been many misunderstandings of the word ‘remedial’. The children who attend our centre are those who live below the poverty line, most of whom have […]