Laura Pennycook: 4th Report from Guyana

I was wondering why I’d put on some weight since arriving in Guyana – or as the locals say, ‘Miss you gat phaaaaat, man!’ Then I realised the answer is in the question: I live in Guyana. I am 100% not complaining as you will soon find out how good the food is, but I wouldn’t say no to a massive salad now and then. Something I never thought I would say… So, here’s your guide to the Guyanese diet. FRUIT!!!: starting with what should […]

Laura Pennycook: 3rd Report from Guyana

A day in the life of a jungle dweller – Saturday 20th February 2016 I was woken at 5 to a bus blaring its horn outside. Bryher was going to Georgetown to collect a package from home so had been up since 4 prepping herself for the 5 hour journey down the bumpiest trail in Guyana (in my opinion). I tried to get back to sleep but half an hour later Cheniah, a Grade 7, came to drag me out to basketball practise. Kwakwani is […]

Laura Pennycook: 2nd report from Guyana

As the little speed boat crossed the Demerara River, the change in landscape was incredible. In the space of 15 minutes we moved from a dirty, polluted dock at the forefront of Guyana’s capital city to the opposite bank filled with…. Nothing. Bush stretched for as far down the brown jungle river as I could see, and we pulled up in amongst a group of brightly coloured fishing boats. Much more picturesque that the coast we had left behind us for 5 days at least. […]

Laura Pennycook: First report from Guyana

After being in Kwakwani for over 2 weeks, it’s easy to forget exactly where I am because the jungle is kept so well at bay. But I got some context last night when Bryher and I climbed the hill behind our house in time for sunset – we are completely surrounded by seemingly impenetrable rainforest, the only way in or out is via a minibus on the bumpiest road ever and the sounds of insects/birds/cockerels wafting around provides a permanent soundtrack. September is supposed to […]