Half Way Mark by Maya Walker

The Half-way Mark! It’s February and the half way mark has now passed…I can’t believe how quickly the last 6 months have flown by! Since my last newsletter a lot has happened. I will start by adding an extra lining of gold to the edge of that canvas of mine. The exam results at the end of last year were better than I could have hoped for with lots of A*’s and A’s. Although I must say what I found most rewarding was seeing the […]

The Karate Kid by Maya Walker

A Blank Canvas… I’ll start with a blank canvas. I think that is the best way to start any journey, and to make it easier for you to get a feel for what the first 12 weeks of my year in South Africa have been like. A blank WHITE canvas, in fact. I can’t choose a colour for it to start with as there are no colours to describe the mixture of emotions I was feeling at that time, saying goodbye to my friends and […]

Maya Walker: Initial report

Me – “Mum…I’m off to Cambodia for a year.” Mum – “Oh, are you? That’s nice. Bye, then – have fun!” I announced this proudly to my Mum exactly a year ago this week, after coming home from our ‘Post 6th Form Opportunities Fair’, at which I attended a talk from a returned Project Trust volunteer…I never really thought or believed that this brief, joke-like conversation would actually materialise into anything (let alone that Mum and Dad would agree to it)… It was just by […]