Otjikondo in the time of Coronavirus

Hazel’s Footprints sends £10,000 to Otjikondo School in Namibia every March, to mark Hazel’s birthday. Otjikondo is very close to our hearts so it’s always so rewarding to hear how the funds have been allocated, and how the school is doing. This year, as for so many schools across the globe, Coronavirus has brought many challenges.  The school has shown its usual resilience and ingenuity in doing as much as it can to minimise the impact as far as possible for all of the children.  Here […]

Katy Watters reporting on a year at Otjikondo cut short

katy watters at otjikondo teaching sunshine class

Katy Watters went to Otjikondo, Namibia expecting a full on year. It was cut short by the pandemic, but it’s pretty clear she got what she came for! Well done. Katy was supported by a grant from Hazel’s Footprints and trained with Project Trust.  A busy term two at Otjikondo If I had thought my first term at Otjikondo was busy, my second term could only really be described as hectic! The new school year started a week later than normal and was due to […]

Izzy Richards on her last weeks at Otjikondo

Parents' Day display

Izzy Richards completes a fabulous year at Otjikondo School in Namibia where she has volunteered teaching children for a year. She wrote to us before she set off, after her first term, after her second term and now as she finishes.  Hazel’s Footprints gave Izzy a Footprinter Grant to help with the fundraising required for her year.  Izzy Richards – Parent’s Day and Beyond  I’m writing this from our hostel in Windhoek the day before I fly back o London. It all feels surreal, but […]

Katy Watters on Project Trust training for Otjikondo

Katy Watters

  Finding Project Trust Nine months ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that I would even come close to spending an entire year overseas. I went on a Project Trust selection course on the Isle of Coll having done some research. Yet, I still didn’t really know what lay ahead of me and didn’t really believe that it was something I would ever be involved in. Now, I have just over a month left until I board a plane which will mark the beginning […]

Rachel Azzopardi’s thoughts as she heads to Otjikondo

Rachel Azzopardi

Rachel Azzopardi has been awarded a Footprinter Grant to head to Otjikondo School in Nambia for the 2019/20 academic year.  Otjikondo School is very special to Hazel’s Footprints as this is where Hazel herself spent her gap year. We continue to support Otjikondo with an annual grant, and we are thrilled when we can also provide some assistance to those planning to dedicate a year of their lives to the school. Good luck Rachel! Report by Rachel Azzopardi ahead of her year at Otjikondo School After […]

Izzy Richard’s Second Term at Otjikondo

Parents’ Day Project We’ve spent most of this term getting ready for the Otjikondo’s annual “Parents’ Day”. It’s a day where parents and guardians of everyone in the school are invited to come and have a look around. They can speak to their child’s teacher, look in their exercise books and be present for the big parent meeting. On top of all this, the day is scattered with many stalls and events. There is a tombola run by some of the staff and a food and […]

Izzy Richards: First Term at Otjikondo

Sack race at Otjikondo, Namibia, taken by Izzy Richards

So here I am, very nearly 3 months into my gap year, and what a 3 months it has been. It is very easy to say there is never a dull day at Otjikondo. You never know whether you’re going to be helping a child with a nose bleed, having a nose bleed yourself, hunting down snakes, pulling bits of scenery out of cupboards or improvising a lesson when you’re suddenly told that you actually have all of Grade 1 for an hour and 20 […]

Izzy Richards: Off to Otjikondo School, Namibia

Izzy Richards before she heads to Otjikondo

Izzy Richards is just about to leave for Otjikondo School in Namibia – she has been awarded one of our Footprinter Grants for volunteers heading to educational projects in disadvantaged communities. We are always especially delighted when “Footprinters” go to Otjikondo – this is the school Hazel put so much energy into when she was a volunteer teacher in 2001/2002. Reflections from Izzy Richards as she sets off When I think about how in six days (Thursday 30th August) I will be embarking on the […]

Iona Smith: From Namibia to Swaziland

Iona tells us what happened when her volunteer visa in Namibia wasn’t quite as it should be…and how she bravely soldiered on with her plan to support education with a new placement in Swaziland.  After spending several months at Otjikondo school in Namibia, I have had a dramatic change of plan.  I had to leave Namibia and I am spending the rest of my year in Swaziland. The other Namibia volunteers and I were arrested, made to leave as we had issues with our visas and […]

Iona Smith – First Report from Otjikondo

I have now been living in Otjikondo for just over two months and so far my time here has flown by. In my first post I thought I would give an insight into the work that I am doing here. Before I begin I would just like to say an enormous thank you to Hazel’s Footprints Trust. I feel so lucky to be working where I am and couldn’t have done it without the funding I was given. I cannot thank them enough. We have […]

Anna Haas final footprinter report

The last couple of months at our project, Mitchell House were very busy. We had a June/July holiday that lasted about three weeks so by the time we arrived back, only three weeks remained! During the holiday my family decided to come and visit which was lovely. We took part in a Nomad Tour and travelled round Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in a truck for two and a half weeks. It was a fantastic experience – my personal highlight was flying over the Okavango Delta […]

Kirsty Scott – Final Footprinter Report from Otjikondo

In my last report I mentioned the school drama ‘Scheherazade’. This was performed on Parent’s Day (in July) along with us displaying the learner’s work in the art room and selling handmade crafts to their friends and families! Despite Parent’s Day being the focal point of the term, it certainly wasn’t the only thing that happened. Between talent shows, soccer games, music concerts and countless visitors we barely had time to stop. Right at the beginning of term I helped organise and attended Faustinus’ (the […]

Footprinter report: Kirsty Scott in Namibia

Another term has passed; time is flying as fast as ever. The Yellow team won Sport’s Day, after it was almost rained off, and received their hard-earned ice-cream. Our Project Trust desk officer, Felicity, arrived in time for the event. She took photos throughout the day and chatted to everybody involved as well as bringing one of her colleagues with her to get footage for a new promotional Project Trust video. It was a long, hot day, but everybody enjoyed themselves and the whole Otjikondo […]

Footprinter report from Kirsty Scott in Otjikondo

I have now been in Otjikondo for almost 5 months and hope once I describe my day to day life here and some of the things I have been doing, you may understand why I have not written another report since leaving. From the very beginning I have been welcomed, with open arms, into the lives of everybody here. On our first day me and my partner Alice were immediately invited to lunch with our hosts, Gilly and Reiner Stommel, and then taken on multiple […]

Kirsty Scott – Initial Report

This is my first report as a Footprinter as I set off to Namibia tomorrow (Ahhhhh!) with the charity Project Trust. In order to embark on this adventure I had to raise £5,600 and have just reached my target today, thanks to the support of Hazel’s Footprints Trust! My name is Kirsty, I am 17 years old and have just finished school at Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh. I first applied to go on a Selection course with Project Trust in Autumn last year and […]

Katie Ingham – Final Report

How do I conclude this year? How do I manage to put this year into words? I will struggle but I will try… My main thought is I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALL OVER! I still have moments when I’m walking down a street in my town wondering if it was all some amazing dream! Life back here suddenly seems so normal, predictable even – nothing has really happened and mostly life is trundling along as it was before I left. Yet here I am, having […]

Katie Ingham – Footprinter report from Namibia

Here’s Katie’s third report from Namibia I don’t even know where to begin! It may sound clichéd but it does seem like only yesterday when I was writing my last report, struggling to keep going, wondering what another nine months without a partner would be like. Would I be able to stand it and cope on my own? To be honest it was quite a scary prospect. But then I realised that I chose to volunteer, fundraised so hard for it and in my heart […]

Katie Ingham – footprinter report from Namibia

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.’ Well hello again, so I have been here in Omaruru for just over two months and it has been a hectic whirlwind. To call it a rollercoaster would be an understatement! As I said before, the next step in my adventure was to attend training at Coll. This was a very intense week with a crash course about health, safety and teaching for the whole year overseas. […]

Katie Ingham: Initial report

It somehow seems fitting that I am writing my first report, sitting in the same chair that I was in this time last year, when I first began applying for my place with Project Trust, and sparked this whole adventure off. It had begun the same as always; a crazy day in the life of Katie, rushing around with 100 things to do 100 thoughts in my head and 100 questions for the future. The university fair was our destination, as we were racing down […]

Final Report – A Must Read by Jordan Wilson

I don’t quite know where to start with this report. Im going to be honest with you though – I arrived back from Namibia yesterday and honestly, my last few months were hectic, there was no time to sit down and do a community report. I had a plan, but it never happened. So its debriefing tomorrow and now I am sitting writing this report in my strangely clean bedroom. Im just going to write about my year: my ups and downs, my accomplishments, and […]