A 20 Stone Toothless Spot by Naomi Dunphy

How it feels like yesterday I was writing the last report – time flies so fast when you are having fun which isn’t great! I was asked the other day when I was leaving and in my head I still have 7 months left but the very nice man brought me to the very blunt realisation that its actually only 4 months! I nearly sat down and cried. Anyway this month has been pretty bad for Aquaid as within about 2 weeks they had 6 […]

Family Visits by Naomi Dunphy

So this report is covering both December and January. December was a super busy month as just after my last report my family came out to visit me which was really nice but meant my usually busy, but laid back schedule, was completely over run. – With my mum and sister around it’s not possible for anyone to be laid back! Love them very much but laid back only appears in their vocabulary if they are referring to my Dad and I and even then […]

14 Mangos a Day by Naomi Dunphy

Report 4- this is crazy! Time definitely flies when you are having fun. It’s actually pretty sad that I am nearly half way through my time. Well this month we have had births, weddings, funerals and installation of chiefs so it’s been a busy time (I have also managed to increase my mango record to 14 in one day and pretty sure I’ll manage to break it again – they are really addictive). First was the chief installation ceremony. This was for one of the […]

Cycling Fun by Naomi Dunphy

So if the whole ‘You are what you eat’ thing is true then I am definitely the biggest mango in the entire world! Seriously I think my record for one day is 7 and they are not that small but since they are free and right there then I can’t complain plus I really love them! Anyway this month saw me start working in the clinic in the village. It’s really good and it’s dead interesting – not literally. Ethel who is in charge is […]

Grt Involved by Naomi Dunphy

Hey so here is my first update. I have now been in Malawi for 2 months which is slightly gutting because time already seems to be flying by so quickly. My first month was spent working with the team which came out from my church which included some of my best friends so was good banter. It took us about a day and a half traveling to get here but was well worth it to get back and see all the people and kids that […]

Second Wedding by Naomi Dunphy

So here is my Second Report and I have just had my Second Wedding so perfect timing! I would like to say I got there on time but that would be wishful thinking in Malawi. Got to love them! We were a lot more on time than last time though so that’s always good. Anyway it was really good. It was Kiri’s wedding who is one of the Aquaid staff. – She is Administrator at Thyolo. She is sooo nice and she looked stunning. Anyway […]

Naomi Dunphy: Initial report

Hi. My name is Naomi and I live in Arbroath, Scotland where I have just finished my 5th Year at Arbroath Hugh School. So a week to go and I’m soooo excited – can’t wait to go to Malawi. I am leaving Scotland on the 30th of June with 14 others. We are travelling for a day and a half to Namisu orphan village just outside Blantyre. The orphan village is run by Aquaid Lifeline whose main aim is to care for orphans and provide […]