My Jungle Adventure by Natasha Rodney

My Jungle Adventure in Ecuador Travelling around Ecuador these last few months has given me the opportunity to see so much nature. I have seen whales and dolphins on the South Coast; in the Northern Highlands I have sailed around a volcanic lake and visited a nature reserve that had trees with leaves that felt like rabbits’ ears, as well as ‘paper trees’, trees with thin barks that peeled off like sheets of paper. In the Central Highlands I visited a natural hot spring where […]

Teacher’s Day by Natasha Rodney

I can’t believe that I’ve been in Ecuador for 3 months already, I don’t want to sound cliché but time flies when you’re having fun. I can remember all the anxiety that I felt during the months running up to my departure, but now that I’m here I really had no reason to worry. I think most people have an adjustment period when they move to a foreign country, where they can sit back and reflect on whether they have made the right decision, well […]

Natasha Rodney: Initial report

Travelling to Ecuador with WorldTeach Four months from today I’ll be jetting off to Miami, but my journey won’t be ending there as this is just thetransit country for my final destination which will be Ecuador! Why Ecuador? This is thequestion that I am asked every time I tell my friends, family and basically anyone who will listen about my trip. My response to this question has turned into a sales pitch, but it has also helped to consolidate in my head why I am […]