Iona Smith: From Namibia to Swaziland

Iona tells us what happened when her volunteer visa in Namibia wasn’t quite as it should be…and how she bravely soldiered on with her plan to support education with a new placement in Swaziland.  After spending several months at Otjikondo school in Namibia, I have had a dramatic change of plan.  I had to leave Namibia and I am spending the rest of my year in Swaziland. The other Namibia volunteers and I were arrested, made to leave as we had issues with our visas and […]

Crocodiles and Lizards by Rebekah Faldon

Ten months out of my total twelve have now passed me by! It is really scaring me how little time left I have in Swaziland! A lot has changed and progressed in my projects out here in Big Bend since my last update. In the New Year, after a holiday in South Africa whilst the schools were off, Penny and I came back to Big Bend feeling energized and re-motivated; ready to really go for it and not to hold ourselves back. Our first major […]

Rebekah Faldon: Initial report

It’s strange to think that in just 4 weeks time, on 28th August, I will have said my final goodbyes and travelled nearly 7000 miles. My adventure in Big Bend, Swaziland will have begun! Crazy! As much as I know I’m going to miss home and all the lovely, familiar, smiling faces (I also know some will be reading this), I feel ready to go and do something positive with my life; I feel that need for a new and exciting adventure! Having a working […]

I Love It Out Here by Rebekah Faldon

I can’t believe I have been living here for three months already! From the very first day Penny and I set foot in Swaziland in August, our time here has been extremely eventful to say the least! Flying in along with the King of Malawi followed by a chance meeting with the Queen of Ghana, lead to an interesting start to the year. Africa certainly is full of surprises! At first, I was a little uncertain as to exactly what I would be doing over […]