Ellen Whitehouse on her imminent trip to Zambia

map of Zambia

Ellen Whitehouse was awarded a Footprinter Grant in May for her volunteer trip to Zambia.  She will be teaching maths, computing and science at a school in Petauke, which is in the east of the country.   Ellen Whitehouse is heading to Petauke, eastern Zambia I decided to take a gap year before university after my school trip in 2018 to Kenya. A group of my peers and I had raised a significant amount of money to take out to the school we were working with, […]

Klaire Connor, Zambia: Initial Footprinter Report

On 27th November 2014 I will head off to Zambia for a year, my Gap year away will be full of challenges and opportunities. Getting ready and preparing for a year away has its own challenges. What to take along seems to be the least of my worries, with still lots of unknowns and what ifs. Getting ready to go – vaccination, anti-malarial medication, insect repellent (a lot of insect repellent) and the other necessities (including a good supply of teabags) are all starting to […]