Angus Yellowlees: Initial report

Whilst attempting to make the best of a packed summer holiday, I have busily been preparing for my Gap Year. Through Zanzigap Ltd I have acquired a placement teaching English at a local school on the Tanzanian Island of Zanzibar. The island’s first language is a form of Swahili influenced largely by an Arabic culture. However the young locals struggle to achieve their potential: due to a history of imperialist governments, Zanzibar has been left with an education system that requires all subjects to be […]

Travels and Reflections by Angus Yellowlees

Well, being home is an indescribable feeling. It’s like waking up and the last eight-and-a-bit months of my life just never happened. The bubble is burst and now it all seems so far away it’s difficult to write about, but I shall try my best. I’m not entirely sure where I left off as my last report has been lost somewhere on the internet, but I’ll start with the arrival of the new volunteers: Beth arrived right at the end of January and, although she […]

Travels and Malaria by Angus Yellowlees

Right, well, where to start? I’ll start with safari (though I’ll try and keep it brief) because that happened just after I sent my last report. School broke up on the 29h of November, although I’d taken a week off because my friend from Earlston was flying out to see me and I didn’t want to be teaching while he was here. We spent a few days at the very North of the Island where the tourists flock and the sun is always shining. The […]

Teacher Turned Author by Angus Yellowlees

Arrival: Well, after an hour and a half on the plane down to London I finally met up with my housemates to be. They both seemed really friendly and at least as nervous as me, which was reassuring. We faffed around check-out for a bit, and then, eventually, got our act together and found our plane. The flight to Ethiopia took just under nine hours, and from there it was another three hours to Zanzibar, but hey, at least we arrived. Everything was crazy. I […]