Zoë Ketley final footprinter report

I’ve just touched back down on Northern Irish soil and since I’ve got back I’ve been surrounded by the constant question, “So, how was Honduras?” Honestly, I’m struggling to know how to answer that question. My family, friends and acquaintances genuinely want to hear about my time in Copán but I don’t know how to even begin to put these last eleven months into words. Certain words spring to mind: incredible, life-changing, whirlwind. But they just don’t seem to be enough. There aren’t words to […]

Zoe Ketley Footprinter’s Report from Honduras

In my last report, I talked about how busy but amazing January Vacation Camps were. After February we started the transition back into our AfterSchool Program. These camps, Camp Agape and Camp Hope, have a bigger focus on supporting the children in their school work whereas the Vacation Camps were more about having fun. Since February, I have been based more Camp Agape, which has allowed me to get to know all the kids better and get to know all the new faces for this […]

Footprinter report: Zoe Ketley in Honduras

February 2015 anuary was definitely the busiest month that I’ve had here so far. Despite the exhaustion and the fact that I was running purely on caffeine from the amazing Honduran coffee, it was one of my favourite months as well! In my last report I mentioned about getting organised for our January vacation camps and I’m happy to say they were a complete success. My role in the vacation camps this year meant that I was able to spend time in all four camps — Camp […]

Footprinter Report: Zoë Ketley in Honduras

Hazel’s Footprints Report – October 2014 I have arrived safe and sound in Copán Ruinas! I can’t believe after months of planning and organising that I’m finally here. To be honest, everything feels so surreal at the moment. I don’t know when it will hit me that I’m here for ten months. The journey here was extremely long and tiring, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to arrive at my destination! I bid farewell to my family at Belfast International Airport on Friday […]

Zoë Ketley: Initial Report

Hello from Belfast! I cannot believe the time has come to write my initial report as a footprinter. When I first decided that I wanted to go to Honduras, raising the money to go seemed like an impossibly large task. I was worried that simply doing different fundraisers and working to earn the money would not be enough; therefore I am extremely grateful for the support of Hazel’s Footprints Trust. My name is Zoë, I am twenty years old and I have just completed my […]