The Trust

Peter at Otkikondo 2005

Supporting people and projects which advance education in impoverished countries; that, in a nutshell, is what Hazel’s Footprints Trust is all about.  

Hazel’s Footprints Trust was established in 2004 in memory of Hazel Scott Aiton whose death in a car accident that year left an unfillable hole in the lives of everybody who knew and loved her. In 2002, Hazel spent a challenging and rewarding Gap Year in Namibia teaching at the Otjikondo Village School. Whilst there, she saw first hand what an enormous difference dedicated people can make to the lives of others. The Trust has set itself up to support projects and people in the field of education in developing countries.


Supporting Projects (Education Project Grants)

Hazel’s Footprints Trust provides grants to worthy educational causes in developing countries under its “Third Aim” (see below). Be it funding teachers’ salaries at a transformational school in rural Rajasthan (India), buiding new primary school buidings in Kenya, or supporting the development of a secondary school in Madagascar, we support projects that will directly improve the opportunities available to some of our world’s most poverty stricken people. The Trust has provided over 60 of these project grants since 2005. These grants recognise where targeted funding can make a real difference. We work through UK partner charities who have the ability to deliver grass-roots, educational projects in developing countries. Full guidance available here.

The Trust has provided longer-term support to two schools with which there are special partnerships:

  • Otjikondo Village School, Namibia: this Namibian school is where Hazel volunteered so enthusiastically in 2001/02, and it receives £10,000 each year from the Trust (under its Second Aim  – see below). The Trust also, from time to time, supports people who travel to Otjikondo to volunteer through its Footprinter Grants.
  • Ngambenyi Primary School, Kenya: the Trust is proud to have fully-funded the rebuilding of this school in the Kasigau region of Kenya, through its relationship with African Promise. The school has since been officially recognised as a “model school” in its region.  Hazel’s Footprints has committed to providing a further £5,000 towards the running costs of the school each year for three years.


Supporting People (“Footprinter” Grants)

So far, we have helped over 140 enthusiastic individuals achieve their dream of volunteering abroad in destinations covering 5 continents. The vast majority of our ‘Footprinters’ go to schools where they not only teach, but also get involved in a whole host of extracurricular activities including drama, sports and cooking. Through the Trust’s help, we hope many more people will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and change the lives of themselves and others for the better.


The Three Aims of Hazel’s Footprints Trust: