Edinburgh Global Partnerships – New Vision School in Mugajwale

New Vision School in Mugajwale, northwest Tanzania, is an English-medium nursery and primary school, where pupils learn in Kiswahili and English as well as the local language Kihaya. Being able to speak English from an early age means that the children have a better chance of succeeding at Secondary school where all lessons are taught in English. It was started around 5 years ago through the efforts of Prosper Nduke, a local man who donated some of his land and drummed up support and funds […]

Cameroon’s Library

The library building for the Lycee de Lara in Cameroon was finished at the end of June 2008. The Library has a large reading room, a space for the librarian to work in and an office. It’s equipped with two long tables with benches either side and a large bookshelf. The building would have been finished much earlier, but the work was delayed for two months because of a shortage of cement that affected the whole of Cameroon. We received four parcels of books, about […]

News from Vietnam

Jenny Flynn is working wonders out in Viet Nam now she has returned from the USA for a further year. Below are extracts from her and Mr Viet’s latest news report:- A Message from Mr Viet – Executive Director: Despite of the high inflation rate, pricing up and bad weather, we have been still able to have another successful year of operation. Many disadvantaged lives have been changed in the past year. We have been able to make all of them happy again and they […]