A 20 Stone Toothless Spot by Naomi Dunphy

How it feels like yesterday I was writing the last report – time flies so fast when you are having fun which isn’t great! I was asked the other day when I was leaving and in my head I still have 7 months left but the very nice man brought me to the very blunt realisation that its actually only 4 months! I nearly sat down and cried. Anyway this month has been pretty bad for Aquaid as within about 2 weeks they had 6 […]

I’m Not Sure I Ever Want to go Home by Amy Sked

I never really understood how people could claim to have ‘fallen in love’ with a country- I totally get it now. It’s kind of an insane feeling actually, full of overwhelming new things and experiences that somehow just feel RIGHT. Ah man, I’m not sure I ever want to go home. Things in this project are pretty much perfect for me- we’re about 20 minutes drive from Cape Town (which might be the most amazing city ever, by the way) I live with about 35 […]