Welcome to Uganda by Anna Davis

Having been here for three months, everything has started to seem normal in my everyday life, so I wanted to welcome you this lush, vivid country and share with you what a normal Uganda looks like through my eyes. It’s normal to call phone credit airtime It’s normal to cook by candlelight which can cause problems if you are using spices!! It’s normal for shops to be made out of cargo ship containers It’s normal for heavy goods vehicles to be overloaded, regularly with someone […]

3 months reflection- January – Soha Sobhy

So I’ve been here for just over three months now, most days I’ve really enjoyed it and other days I’ve just wanted to run away and wondered what I’m doing here- overall its been pretty tough going but I’ve loved it! Malawian women are some of the nicest i’ve met (the patients not always the staff), their smiles will light up the room and their gratitude is plain to see and the level of poverty is unmistakable and being able to offer help however small […]

Soha Sobhy: Initial reports

Hi, I am a doctor who was working in London, but I’ve decided to take the year out and go to Malawi! So I’ve been volunteering here for 2 months already and oh how the time has flown!  So I am in the main city in the south of the country called Blantyre, because it is a city conditions aren’t too bad but we still have electricity and water shortages on a regular basis- it’s amazing how much actually needs electricity to run – things […]

Harrison Dax Nash: Initial report

As I write this report, I am overwhelmed to think that it is almost 6 years since my first trip to South Africa, a trip that undoubtedly changed my life! As an 18 year old I had always been set on a career in marketing; I had a University place in London and my life had been motivated by materialistic gain. Something in me told me that I had to broaden my horizons, and so in 2007 I set off on my first Gap Year […]