Lewis Murray: Initial report

Gap Year: working with adults who have mental and physical health problems and learning difficulties in a charitable residential centre in Johannesburg (Jo’burg) In 9 weeks’ time I will be at Edinburgh airport bound for South Africa and the start of my year long adventure. I am still busy with fundraising activities and now that my final exams are over (yippee!) I will have more time to concentrate on upcoming events. I have recently been learning a bit more about the project in which I […]

Scott Chandler: Initial report

Societies can never reach their apex unless the populace is selfless and philanthropic. This is a belief that I hold onto. Most people assume philanthropy requires excess amounts of wealth, but I believe it simply means a love of humankind, and therefore, does not preclude someone without money from being philanthropic.  This is why I believe what I am doing is a philanthropic activity. In the spring of 2010 I held many fundraisers to raise money for young people in a Uganda (for NGO’s that […]